Courtesy Photo These are the Cardington FFA students at the state convention. Back row: l-r Cameron Pace, McKenzie Blake, Alyson Moore, Zach Goad, Dallas Crum, Jared Haught and Andrea Haught. Third row: l-r: Kaitlyn Fisher, Jessica Shook, Dylan Etgen, Clayton Fisher, Sami Bennett, Morgan Robinson, Lindsey Gilmore, Katie Haught, Trent Tucker, Natasha Angel, Chelsey Burkhardt. Second row: l-r: Sarah Waters, Kinnedy Ratliff, Tiffany Wells, Bobby Davis, Libby McConnell, Kelsey Barker, Jared Gandelot, Toby Beveridge, Destiny Williamson, Summer Morgan, Mikayla Eubank. Front row: L-r: Johnny Levings, Nathan Gardner, Allison Ames, Lauren Hall, Makenna McClure, Marissa Hall, Mac Warren, Elizabeth Crum, Alicia McElwee, Daniel Kill and Tiara Snyder.

There were 41 students from the Cardington FFA Chapter who attended the Ohio FFA State Convention on April 30-May 1. On the first day, students were able to explore the Career Show. At this show, students were able to learn about the different jobs in agriculture and colleges that specialize in agricultural fields. Also on the first day students also attended two different sessions. During the sessions, students were able to watch their peerswalk across the stage to receive the chapter awards. That night a few students attended a Keith Anderson Concert sponsored by the Ohio FFA.

On the second day the chapter attended three general sessions where three students were awarded for their proficiencies and three officers were awarded for their gold officer books. Five students received their state degrees. Cardington FFA was also recognized as one of the top 15 in the state. Overall, the trip was a success.