LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel Members of the Cardington High School Class of 1965 at the Cardington-Lincoln High School Alumni party assemble for a photo. Back row, l-r: Carl Pecko, Dennis Burggraf, Sandra Stratton Mullins, Karen Bender Bonnette, Sharon Curtis Strain, Sally Ullom Dye, Wanda Fiant Emanuelson, Larry Gandee, Carolyn Heacock Baughman, Stephan Conaway; Stanley. Heacock and Linda Snyder Gordon. Row 2, seated l-r: Roger Slack, David Truax, Paul Mullins, Roger Geckley, Robert Wolford, Marvin Smith and David Stults. Row 1, seated l-r: Linda Witzel Seitz, Sharon Miley Plowman, Lois McElroy Weaston, Barbara Healea, Barbara Dion Stults, Ronald May and Arthur Main. Absent from photo is Betty Stillings Osborne.

The Cardington High School Class of 1965 celebrated the 50th anniversary of their graduation on May 23 when they were the featured class at the Cardington-Lincoln High School Alumni program.

Twenty seven members were introduced individually by classmate Stan Heacock during the program. Each was given a gift created by Joanne Mathews.

Heacock explained in observance of their 50th anniversary classmates have started a seed fund of $1200 for the Alumni Student Support Fund. The fund is to help students in grades K-12 with basics such as clothing, supplies, etc.

Heacock said the best sources with knowledge of that need would be the teachers. He said he hoped it would be an ongoing fund and not a one time deal with donations made as part of charitable giving. People who want to contribute with a check can write it to Cardington School with a memo that says “Alumni Student Support Fund.”

The class graduated with 66 members. The following deceased members were remembered by their class mates: Mary Cooper,Ted Disterdick, Michael Grosh, Larry Heacock, Betty Levings Nelson, Raymond McAvoy, Dennis McFarland, Glenn Sanderlin, Sue Schrote,Willam Simmers, James Smith, Patricia Treadway and Arnie Walker.

Class members met for lunch at the Pizza Barn with their former teacher, Mills Poorman joining them. Class mates also rode on a wagon unit in the Memorial Day parade.

Attending the reunion were Stephan Conaway, London, England; Barbara Healea, Florence, South Carolina; Ronald May, Vacaville, CA; Carl Pecko, Fort Myers, FLA; Wanda Fiant Emanuelson, Mooresville, North Carolina; Carolyn Heaock Baughman, Lake Wood, Colorado; Linda Witzel Seitz, Mount Vernon; David and Barbara Dion Stults, Lima; Roger Slack, London; Roger Geckley, Westerville; Robert Wolford, Marvin Smith, Dennis Burggraf, and Larry Burggraf, Marion; Karen Bender Bonnette,Canton; Sharon Curtis Strain, Mogadore; Stanley Heacock, Westerville; Lois McElroy Weaston, Arthur Main, and Betty Stillings Osborne, Mount Gilead; and Sharon Miley Plowman, David Truax, Paul and Sandra Stratton Mullins, Sally Ullom Dye and Linda Snyder Gordon, Cardington.

Guests were Hella Conaway, Rita May, Marcia Mountz, Christine Burggraf, Gary Emanuelson, Pam Gandee, Carol Geckley, Rita May, Sandy Main, Carol Heacock, Gary Baughamn, David Plowman, Julie Pecko, Bonnie Garner, Linda Truax, Ken Osborne and Ken Seitz.

Sending their best wishes but unable to attend were Paul Bradley, Bulls Gap, Tenn; Charles Martin, Conifer, Colorado; Linda Brake Huston, Marion; Pat Tucker Howard, Casa Grande, AA; and Leroy Hunt.

The class plans to meet next in 2020.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected].