Legislators do nothing to reduce gun violence

Dear Editor,

November 17, the Ohio House passed HB49, the guns-everywhere-except-in-the-State House bill. Now it moves to the Senate. Meanwhile, Gov. Kasich and others are saying we can’t let any Syrians in because there might be terrorists among them. We already have really rigorous reviews of immigrants coming in right now, and only 2,000 Syrians have come here out of many thousands who applied. Yes, perhaps someone will slip through.

Meanwhile, each year 30,000 Americans are killed in our country by our own guns. We are all at risk already and both the national Congress and the Ohio Statehouse do nothing to reduce the chances of gun violence. Nothing.

Universal background checks would be one way to keep abusive boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives from getting guns at gun shows and private sales. Fewer women would be murdered. Perhaps people with records of suicide attempts could be prevented from buying a gun and killing themselves. Even Jeff McLain, Ohio representative from Morrow County, said he agreed with background checks but wouldn’t vote for them. Why not? Are legislators being bullied by the NRA?

Reducing the size of magazines would also reduce the number killed in mass shootings. No responsible gun owner would be hurt in any way.

A really clear example of hypocrisy is state legislators not allowing guns in the Statehouse. I wonder why.

Don’t let us be our ugliest selves.

Jill Grubb, Gambier