Bennington Township needs roads levy

To the community,

On May 6, 2015, the Bennington Township Trustees made the difficult decision to place a 2 mil levy on the fall ballot for road maintenance. This decision was prompted by the continuing deterioration of all roads in the County including our Township roads.

The problem Trustees face is that current funds available are not adequate to perform the work necessary to maintain and improve our Township roads. The Trustees apply for additional funding when appropriate but we are in competition with all Townships in Ohio and additional funding is not typically available.

The only option the Trustees have that does not depend on the State is to reach out to the residents of Bennington Township who use the roads to contribute to the maintenance cost thru the passage of this levy.

The levy will generate an additional $124,000.00 per year for roads and is only for three years. It’s for road maintenance and improvements only – not salaries, tools and equipment etc.

The funds generated by the levy will enable the Trustees to perform as much as 8.3 miles additional chip and seal, 1/2 mile of new paving, additional gravel for road base and existing road maintenance, additional dust control, culvert and berm repair, ditch maintenance and snow and ice control material.

We need your help to have better roads! Vote For the Levy November 3.

Miles Hardesty, Bennington Twp.