Legalizing marijuana is a bad idea

Dear Sir or Madam:

Considering that much of the Drug Abuse we have in this country, originates with the casual use of Marijuana, how can any thinking person believe that legalizing it would be a good thing. I hear folks saying, “Well it’s no worse than Alcohol”. My God, isn’t alcohol a big enough problem?

Maybe you should ask the folks of Colorado about how they like it since it was legalized there. In 2007 Traffic Fatalities in Colorado, involving operators testing positive for Marijuana represented 7.04 percent of total traffic fatalities. By 2012 that number more than doubled to 16.53 percent. On a personal level, I am against it because my nephew, Frank Smith was struck and killed by a Marijuana impaired driver, and the miscreant who did it was basically given a pass and served two months of a disgustingly low sentence of 18 months, by an, in my mind, incompetent Judge DeWeese.

The government would like nothing better than legalizing it. That way they will make millions and probably billions, by taxing it. Why do you think they haven’t made tobacco products illegal. Think of all of the money they would lose.

If you’re going to legalize pot, why not legalize everything, then we wouldn’t need the courts or the police. We would save billions, never mind the fact that the country would go to Hell faster than we are going right now.

Give me a break and give Ohio a break. Please don’t legalize POT. Why do you think they call it DOPE?

Thanks, Darl Mills, Mt.Gilead