Democrats have had a positive impact

Dear Editor,

Republicans are claiming they will make America great again by preventing the Supreme Court and other courts from operating at full capacity to serve Americans; taking away health insurance from poor people and children with pre-existing conditions; de-funding an organization that provides birth control, cancer and disease screenings, and well-baby, well-mother services to millions of women who are not wealthy; restricting access to voting, and fighting against raising the minimum wage.

Let us, however, remember something. Democrats have given us Social Security; the GI Bill of Rights; the Civil Rights Act; Fair Labor Standards; the minimum wage; the eight-hour work day; the 40-hour work week; overtime pay; child labor laws; the Federal Farm Loan Act; safe food, air, water and drug acts; Pell Grants and Student Loan reform; free public schools; Family and Medical Leave Act; Americans with Disabilities Act; Voting Rights Act; the Fair Pay Act; Medicare and Medicaid; the Affordable Care Act; and the Prevention of Violence Against Women Act.

Has your life been affected positively by any of these? Of course it has.

Instead of listening to false criticisms and claims, remember our accomplishments as a nation. Let’s work together.

Jill Grubb