What needs controlled?

Dear Sir or Madam:

On the surface, Mr. Obama’s speech about his Executive Orders, which he believes would fix Gun Violence, sounds pretty good, especially trying to keep guns out of the hands of folks with “Mental Problems”, but let’s take a closer look at just what he said.

The first point, I have a problem with is the part, where he would make anyone who sells a gun, would have to have a “Dealer’s License”. This is just another obstacle for Law Abiding Citizens to “Keep and Bear Arms”, as is guaranteed by our Constitution. This would mean that I could not sell a gun to a family member or anyone, without first getting a dealer’s license, which is in and of itself, absurd.

Now, regarding preventing folks with “Mental Problems”, from owning a gun, sounds reasonable, considering, you would think that anyone who would kill another Human Being, would have to have a “Mental Problem”, but when you check a little further, you would realize that there many different types of “Mental Problems”, most of which would not preclude a person from leading a somewhat normal and productive lives, with no danger of shooting someone, which should not prevent you from owning a gun.

Mr. Obama, mentioned several incidents, where guns were involved in killing and injuring many people, such as Sandy Hook, and Columbine, but from what I understand, the solutions, he has proposed, would not have prevented any of those.

He tearfully said that “Every time I think about those kids”, I get mad. Well, every time I think of those kids, I get mad too, but I am smart enough to know that if you keep passing laws and Executive Actions, to keep “Law Abiding” Citizens from having guns, it will not in any way keep, EVIL people or Criminals, in general from having guns.

We don’t need GUN Control, we need People and Politician Control!

Thank you, Darl Mills

Mount Gilead