Previous newsworthy topics highlighted

Reflections - By Evelyn Long

This week I am looking back at some newsworthy topics in past January’s, as printed in the Morrow County Independent.

January 1943: Saturday classes at Cardington School were discontinued due to a lack of interest by the students. Facilities of the J. S. Peck and Son Lumber Co in Cardington were contracted to build ordinance boxes for the prosecution of the war.

The Citizens Bank of Cardington reported its total assets as being nearly $714,500. Cardington’s new fire engine answered its first fire alarm at the Hart Oil Co. for a fire burning around an oil fired boiler.

The Child Study League of Cardington voted to donate $10 towards establishment of a penny milk fund for local school children.

J. L. Patterson of Cardington, was named chairman of the Morrow County Victory Garden Committee. Morrow County residents were asked to donate five tons of tin cans per month for the war effort.

January 1953: Charles Pipes was elected president of the Bethel Farm Bureau Council, Cardington Township.

Snake Hogan began writing a weekly column in the local newspaper about out door life titled “Gunsmoke.”

Post 97 of the American Legion, Cardington, was lending crutches and wheelchairs to those in need.

Melvin Zeigler, Judy Toomey, Sylvia Barton and Sandra Sexton were elected as Cardington’s Junior High cheerleaders.

No one from Morrow County was listed as being AWOL or as an army deserters according to the Ohio Military District in Columbus.state wide.

However, a total of 996 Ohio men were listed as Army deserters.

January 1973: Demolition began on the century old Reed House on New Year’s Day. The 20 room former Cardington Hotel was located on the north side of West Main Street. Mrs. Vinnie Russell was the building’s last owner.


By Evelyn Long