Reflections: The merry month of May

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Growing up I loved it when the calendar turned to May — the month of graduations and May Day at school. Looking through school Searchlight newspapers I found past years’ graduation and May Day events.

• In May, 1961, the senior class was planning its graduation. Kemp Faust was Salutatorian and Leona Etgen was Valedictorian. Class officers were Robert Henry, president; Faust, vice president; Betty Heimlich, secretary and Shirley Koehler treasurer.

• Another story on the front page of the paper reviewed the junior-senior banquet that had been held earlier with credit given to Adah Fricke for painting the backdrop, a reproduction from the napkins carrying out the theme “Southern Serenade.” Adah Fricke was my mother, a talented artist!

• A 1966 Searchlight notes that Judith Burggraf was to be crowned the May Queen. Jan Garverick was elected president of the school’s honor society. Lucille McElroy was named head cheerleader and Susie Jenkins, head band majorette.

• In 1968 Nancy Fate was crowned May Queen and honors group named included James Dominy, Douglas Ebert, Gary Ebert, Larry A. Smith, Michael Wilson, Donald Webb, Deborah Walck, Mary Douce, Dianne Davis, Linda McAlister and Susan Stapleton.

• In 1970 Gale Koehler, a senior, was named 1970-71 Ohio FFA vice president Comprising the 1970 Honors Group were Phillip Smith, Ronald Helmuth, Pamela Ebert and Eloise Thomas. Named Drum major was Bob Ullom, the first drum major in 20 years, the last being Carl Cole in 1949-50.

I hope this brings some pleasant memories. For me, I’m thankful we had a school newspaper at that time!

Looking way back

80 years ago, May, 1941: Rosella Kirkpatrick, Cardington High School junior, was named Queen of the May Day celebration. Ralph Mateer purchased the Sinclair Gas station at 410 West Main Street, Cardington, from Alva Cox and Paul Jones.

May, 1971: Cardington Mayor Mel Maceyko stated that the town would crack down on junk or unlicensed cars on private property. David Hickman was named superintendent of the Cardington Water Department. The three Morrow County funeral homes planned to discontinue ambulance service effective Aug. 31.

May, 1981: Bonnie Carsner was named manager of the Cardington Swimming Pool for the season. Fred Gliem was named speaker for the Memorial Day services at the Fulton Cemetery.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist