Reflections: The success of 2 Cardington alumni

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

I was surprised to read in past publications of the Morrow County Sentinel, a story describing the success of two Cardington High School graduates who were siblings.

In July, 1926 the story was published about Fannie Myers and her brother, Frank Myers, passing the state bar in the same class. Fannie, who graduated from Cardington in 1909, was the first woman to be admitted to the bar from Morrow County.

Her brother, a 1915 CHS alumnus began his study of law at Ohio State University and left there to enter the service during World War I.

He later continued his studies of law at the University of Michigan and completed his work in preparation for the bar exam at the University of Cincinnati. He was one of the highest ranking students in the class and served two terms as county recorder at the close of the war.

His sister, also a talented reader, received degrees from both the college of oratory and music at Capital University and later served as instructor in both departments. She was well known for her work in English and other branches.

Her first public service in Morrow County was as deputy recorder in the office of her brother and later appointed deputy probate clerk when Judge Ethel Elder assumed office, a post she was holding in 1926.

The brother and sister were sworn in together before Chief Justice C. T. Marshall at Columbus July 31, 1926.


• The front page of the Union Register, July, 1947, features a peaceful scene of a tractor pulling a wagon being loaded with hay from a hay loader with Evalyn Patzer driving the tractor and Walter Sage and helpers on top of the hay leveling it as it is carried by the loader. (Note: this is a nostalgic scene for me as my sisters and I helped load hay this same way).

• July, 1940: Virgil Burns and Girard Edelblute of near Cardngton were accepted into the Civilian Conservation Corps Preliminary census figures showed the population of Cardington to be 1303, a gain of 111 over the 1920 enumeration.

• July, 1960: The Cardington Pee Wee baseball team notched its 22nd consecutive victory by defeating Fulton, 31-0 with Ronny Davis on the mound.

George Willard Sherman, Cardington merchant and hardware dealer for 30 years, died July 1 at the age of 57. He helped organize the Cardington High School Athletic Boosters Club. William Cowan of Cardington, entered his yellow 1921 Ford in an antique car show held at Kenyon College in Gambier.

• July, 1970: Rev. Patrick N. Kelly was installed as pastor of the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Cardington. William Kreis of Cardington, retired after 39 years of state and county highway employment in Morrow County.


Your curfew was lightning bugs. Parents did not call cell phone numbers, they yelled their children’s names; we played outside and not online.

If I didn’t eat what mom cooked, I didn’t eat.

Do you remember when all stores were closed on Sundays?

Just wondering.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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