I found some interesting clippings in the newspapers from several years ago.

March, 1946: A century old deed was filed for recording. It was a deed for a Westfield township farm last placed on record in December, 1839, nine years before Morrow County was established. The 90 acre farm had been in the John G. Kehrwecker family for 106 years. On December 9, 1839 the farm was deeded by Jacob Michel Mayer to John G. Kehrwecker, father of Miss Anna Kehrwecker of Cardington.

Westfield Township was then a part of Delaware County and the deed was recorded in Delaware County. Since no transfer of the farm had been made since 1839 until the present time, the deed never became a part of the records in the Morrow County Recorder’s office. At the time of this writing, Miss Kehrwecker had sold the farm to her grandnephew, Karl T. Renz, whose farm adjoins.

1986: Duane Fender was elected president of Cardington Village Council and Danny Robinson, a new member and Dan Levering, beginning a second term on the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education, were pictured. Erma Denton resigned from the Glendale Cemetery Board after serving as its clerk for 25 years.

As I’ve done in past Februarys I want to once again acknowledge Evva Kinney Heath, an 1897 Cardington High School graduate, who by 1904 was an attorney in Washington, D. C. One of her first accomplishments as an attorney was to establish the legal status of women’s property rights in a test case for the District of Columbia. Evva championed women’s property rights and demonstrated an impressive elocution talent while addressing literary societies and other groups.

Sadly, Evva died at the age of 29. She was later admitted to the Cardington-Lincoln High School Alumni Hall of Fame.

Looking back: February, 1942: In the event of an air raid, the Cardington fire siren would sound 16 up and down cycles, double the amount of cycles used for a fire.; Everett Sheese, Cardington Street superintendent, was also appointed to serve as villabe marshal by Frank Aliga, Mayor, effective March 1; brothers Guy and Carl Faust leaped from their stalled car at the New Street railroad crossing just before it was struck by a train. Neither was injured.

February, 1952: Army Pvt. Keith Dodds of Cardington, had his car stolen from his Second Street home. It was found the next day in Mt. Gilead; annual subscription rate of the Morrow County Independent was increased by a fifty cents to $2.50; Mellie Gist, Carl Fowble, Quentin Moody and Mrs. Neil Miller, all of Cardington, celebrated

“one in four” birthdays on Leap Day, February 29; Carolyn Patterson

was pledged to the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority at Ohio Wesleyan


February, 1972: Construction began on the new Peoples Bank on

South Marion Street; heaviest snowfall of the 1971-72 winter season,

occurred Febraury 6. Among the snow sculptures was a dinosaur in the yard of the James Ullom residence on Third Street.


Evelyn Long