Speaking of vaccines … in a late September, 1955 edition of the Morrow County Independent there is a story on the schedule for polio vaccine shots.

The second and third vaccine shots were to be given to second and third grade students enrolled in Morrow County Schools. There follows the schedule shots were to be given in each of the Morrow County Schools.

The Oct. 28, 1915 edition of the Morrow County Independent describes the attendance of 100 bankers of Ohio Bankers Group 6 who registered atCardington’s K of P Hall before traveling to Mount Gilead for a dinner served by the ladies of Trinity M. E. Church. Following the dinner the bankers returned to Cardington for an afternoon program at the Hall.

The story names the eleven bankers who spoke during that (long!) afternoon. The parenthesis are mine.

• That same edition has a front page story by the editor urging voters to approve the “additional levy of taxes for school purposes not exceeding two and one half mills per year not exceeding three years.” The opinion piece urges voters to approve this levy so “we will have first class schools.”

A half-page ad in this same edition describes the Halloween Celebration planned for Cardington with band concerts, stock sale, husking bee, greased pig contest; parade, $50 in cash given away, confetti and corn throwing, Red Fire (?).

“This will be like Cardington had when Dad was a boy,” said the ad and remember this was 1915.

Then in 1940 the ad was free sound movies in the Cardington Park on October 19. These were described as “Republican Auto Movies” and in case of inclement weather they were to be shown in the H. H. Denton Garage. Congressman Frederick C. Smith was to speak.

• That same month, the front page of the Morrow County Independent described the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Willits.

Mr. Willits was in the banking business 55 years and had been elected a director and cashier of the Citizens Bank at the time of its organization in 1894. In years of service he was one of the oldest bankers in the state.

The Willits were born one day apart in November, 1867. Mrs. Willits’ grandfather, Charles Wolfe, had come to Cardington in 1830 and founded the village’s first grist mill.

Looking back

October, 1946: The Searchlight, the Cardngton School newspaper, introduced new teachers: Nelda Akron, Mary Margaret Byrd, Wilbur and Mary McAlister and Mrs. Lowell Patterson. The paper also profiled the following seniors: William Bowman, John Cherrington and Tom Claytor. Members of the student council 75 years ago were Barbara Roach and Marshall Maxwell, freshmen; Jeanne Benson and Bill Kern, sophomores; Kathryn Nybladh and Bill Maxwell, juniors; and Julia Reed and Earnest Heimlich, seniors.

October, 1966: The following Cardington students were to attend the Youth and Science Conference on Food Problems at Ohio State University David Gliem, James Dominy, George Dion and Larry Smith.


By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist