That melody goes through my head between Thanksgiving and Christmas as we experience each day of the holiday season.

Sadly, the shadow on the annual observance is the COVID-19 virus. I pray everyone can enjoy the season within the guidelines.

I recently mentioned the Cardington School newspaper, the Searchlight. I still find past issues of that periodical enlightening and even entertaining. The paper’s first issue was in November, 1943.

Its second issue’s stories were focused on Christmas. These articles were very articulate and brought meaning to the holiday.

For instance, stories written by seventh and eighth grade students were published and from my perspective, offered real substance.

Phyllis Yake described “What Brought Christmas,” and focused on the star that led the shepherds to Bethlehem. “At the thought of the world’s greatest gift, Jesus,, may the true spirit of Christ be felt everywhere during this holiday season and may the discovery of the star once more bring peace and joy.”

Kenneth Heimlich’s piece focused on “Is There a Santa Claus?” and portrayed a a grouchy Santa, children calling him “Ole Sandy Claws.”

He devised a way for chlidren to like him by flying in his sled around the world and delivering toys.

Vivian Carpenter wrote a short story about two mice caught up in Christmas in the “home” in which they lived and when the Christmas tree entered the house and they made themselves known, the home’s owner chased them all over the house with a broom. All ended well when the mice scampered into their own “home” and watched the children open their gifts.

Betty Bennett described how Christmas carols came to be written as she shared the background for “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

I will share more next week.

Looking back

50 years ago, 1970: Richard Dardinger, a senior on the Marshall University football team, who along with his teammates was killed in an airplane crash on November 14, had relatives in Cardington and Fulton. He had attended Centerburg High School.

70 years ago 1950: Shorty Harris opened the Parkview Pool Room in the former Guy Koon garage building opposite the town bandstand – Fulton Mayor R. D. Ault appointed William Burns as villageclerk to succeed Russell Conant who resigned. Conant recently moved to Cardington.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist