Marijuana impairs judgment; it should not be legalized

What is wrong with our law makers here in Ohio? It seems that the promoters of making marijuana — both medical and recreational — legal, are hell bent on making us all part of the cast of “The Walking Dead.” They have pushed to allow marijuana for folks who have ADHD and depression and are now trying to have medical marijuana laws cover insomnia and anxiety. Perhaps hemorrhoids should be added to the list, because the whole asinine argument is a pain in the tush.

I don’t have a medical degree. However I can’t believe that these folks are educated people who should know that the liabilities of marijuana far outweigh the benefits. Why don’t we all just ignore reality and not be responsible, whenever we get a pain or are in a little discomfort and go back to the 1960s mindset, of ‘If it feels good, do it!”

My hatred for marijuana — especially recreational use — stems from the fact that in 2013, our nephew, brother, son, father and grandfather, Frank Smith was killed by a marijuana-impaired driver, Rebecca Myers, of Mansfield, who was later given early release by Richland County Judge James DeWeese. She had served only seven weeks of an eighteen-month sentence.

Legalizing anything that impairs judgment is not a good thing. Just because it seems we have not done a good job of limiting it’s use, that doesn’t mean we legalize it.

Darl Mills

Mount Gilead