It’s hard to believe that the New Year is already upon us. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve you and the rest of the citizens of the 87th Ohio House District.

I was sworn in on Nov. 16, during the whirlwind of legislative activity known as a “Lame Duck” session. I am proud to have had a voice and vote in the House while the 131st General Assembly finished its work, helping to advance legislation that makes Ohio more economically competitive to create jobs, strengthens our relationship with Israel, defends our Second Amendment rights, and protects innocent unborn life.

With this work done, I am now focused on preparing for the 132nd General Assembly when it convenes in January.

The first major item on the agenda for next year will be setting Ohio’s budget. While we know that the budget process is always a challenge, it also offers an opportunity to keep our promises to Ohio citizens. It is imperative that in the coming budget we focus on the key priorities that Ohioans care about: ending wasteful and unconstitutional spending, establishing fiscal discipline in our spending and tax policy, and fighting for our shared conservative principles.

Through the budget we have the opportunity to modernize and reform government, to make it more efficient and effective and to live within its means. That means recognizing those fundamental things that are best handled by individuals, families, and communities. This limits the size and scope of government, but also strengthens its purpose.

There are many other issues I will be working on inside and outside the budget process. One of those is ensuring that Ohio continues to stand with agriculture and farmers. I’m committed to working on legislation that provides a solution to the CAUV (Current Agricultural Use Value) tax so that all Ohioans are treated fairly under our tax laws. It’s also important for us to work with our local communities on transportation solutions that move our state forward and to make sure that we continue to stand with our state’s law enforcement and veterans.

This Christmas season I am praying for wisdom, patience, and discernment for myself and for all of my colleagues when we return to Columbus in January. We work for you, the people, and value your guidance. If I can ever be of assistance to you, or you need to contact me for any reason, you can reach me. Wishing you the warmest blessings of the season.

Wesley Goodman Guest columnist Goodman Guest columnist

Wesley Goodman, of Cardington, represents residents of Ohio’s 87th District in the Ohio House of Representatives. The 87th District includes Crawford, Marion, Morrow, Seneca, and Wyandot counties.