Thanking the Sheriff’s office



Recently our elderly mother was the victim of a home invasion style robbery. She lives alone and was watching television when her electric was turned off and two masked men came up from her basement. She was then knocked to the floor and robbed. After the robbers fled she was very upset and called her family for help. Our family dialed 911 and in a very short period of time an officer from the Morrow County Sheriff’s office arrived.

Once he was made aware that it was a home invasion he immediately called for additional back-up. Within minutes another officer arrived as well as the K-9 unit and a detective. Their work allowed an arrest to be made within days of the incident, which then made our mother feel safe enough to consider going back to her own home. Our family would like to thank the Sheriff’s office for their immediate response, concern for our mother’s wellbeing and the degree of professionalism in which they addressed the entire situation.

The Douds Family,


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