“All is calm and all is bright?” Few Americans are singing Silent Night this week in America.

If President Obama wants to shut down ISIS he must doing the following:

First, let me say I do agree with Obama in that we must not send thousands of soldiers to Syria. This would end up costing us thousands of lives and another trillion dollars that we do not have. However we can do the following:

– Communication/Media must be shutdown. Americans are guaranteed freedom of speech but not ISIS. We must do everything we can to take out their ability to communicate. This means cell phones and Internet access. Can we not figure this out? Any social media corporation that has ties to America or any segment of the free world must help with this. ISIS promotes, taunts and recruits via online propaganda. We have to stop this.

– All means of making money has to cease. Bomb oil refineries controlled by ISIS. Put them out of commission. ISIS has millions and millions of dollars at their disposal.

– Shut down their travel means. Take out their major bridges, destroy their highways and airports. Take out all sources of food supply.

– Work strategically with Russia, France, England and Germany. However, the Middle East countries must get on board with manpower and cash to support this effort. Where is worthless Saudi Arabia? By the way, Saudi Arabia does not even want the Syrian refugees in their country. They would rather send them to Germany or America!

We further need to get control of the Visas that are being issued to anybody and everybody. People from all over the world can get a Visa to America for almost any excuse. This must tighten up drastically.

Guns are still not the problem. The San Bernardino couple had a bomb factory in their garage. They could eventually have killed dozens or hundreds with bombs! Does anybody remember April 19, 1995? Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and injured over 600 in Oklahoma City with a truck bomb! The radical Muslims of September 11, 2001 took over airplanes that became catastrophic missiles killing almost 3000 people. Do you remember the Jonestown massacre? In 1978, 900 people were led to their deaths by the radical religious leader Jim Jones. Jones led some and forced many to drink the poisonous cyanide Kool-Aid. Jones’ henchmen guards did have guns. However, most of the 900 died from cyanide poisoning. Radical religion was at the forefront of this massacre. Groups such as Jones’ People’s Temple and Radical Muslim Mosques are a danger to our society and must be monitored.

Speaking of religion, our President needs to call America together in Prayer. We need a special day of prayer for this nation. People are jittery. People are buying guns and ammunition as fast as they can be made.

Nothing could have been more frightening than the Civil war. Bloody killing was taking place all over this country. Americans were killing Americans. The 30th

day of April 1863 was set aside by Abraham Lincoln as a day of fasting and prayer for this nation. We stress, jitter and worry about this country and world situation. More and more our world needs a strong and wise America to step up and provide strong and wise leadership. Surely, we need the wisdom, help and power from Almighty God to lead and calm this nation.


Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author. He is the author of eleven books and read in all fifty states.

By Glenn Mollette