Thank you to all,

I would like to thank everyone that attended the 2015 Morrow Co Fair. The weather may have gotten us during the week, but the overwhelming support did not. Every year you never know the intangibles. And you couldn’t ask for any better crowds. We have such a wonderful community. It’s so nice to walk along the grounds and be able to know someone be it your neighbor, old classmates, old friends and even family.

I also want to thank the hardest working Junior and Senior Fair Boards. If you didn’t take the time you do, the fair wouldn’t be a success. So many do not know what it takes to pull off such an event, many hours of sweat and tears for the eight day celebration. Sometimes we don’t always hear enough “thank you’s” but more of the complaints. This year we were able to hear more “thank you’s”, this goes out to the current board and all their efforts they put in to making the fair great.

Once again thank you for your attendance at the fair. We look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Thank you, Brandon Strain

Morrow Co Senior Fair President