To the Editor,

“Climate change is about power, not environment” (Aug 7) Well, yes, in that the solution to climate change is clean power from solar and wind. But this op-ed says the AGW is a plot that’s “anti-free enterprise/capitalism.” Just the opposite is true.

Using the free market, not government regulations, expenditures or expansion, we can create millions of U.S. jobs (net) and add tens of billions to our GDP annually while putting extra cash in the average American’s pocket every month (REMI).

It’s worked as promised in British Columbia for seven years, lowering taxes and energy bills while growing their economy more than the rest of Canada (The Economists). It has an 83% approval rating there (The World Bank).

Fossil fuel corporations, rather than taxpayers, should be responsible for the damage their products cause— well over $886.5 billion annually just in health care costs in the U.S. (Forbes). Create an escalating carbon pollution fee that makes dirty energy increasingly more expensive and people will use their “dividend” checks to buy cheaper clean energy at a profit (Citizens Climate Lobby website).

“Fee-and-dividend” can also use the market to force the Chinese to make faster and bigger emissions cuts. China would have to slash its emissions if we put an import fee on goods from countries whose emissions are higher than ours. When given to American consumers, this import “dividend” would give our people the ability to afford U.S. products again, revitalizing our manufacturing sector.

Lynn Goldfarb, Lancaster, PA