Mount Gilead Police Calls

June 27th

Officer was called to Kroger to check on a woman who didn’t know how she got there. The squad came and checked her. Her driver showed up and stated she had issues with memory loss.

Overdose – Officers were dispatched to West High Street for a drug overdose. Person was transported to Morrow County Hospital and charged with drug paraphernalia for items found at the scene.

Officers assisted a homeless woman with gift cards for fuel and food after being stranded without gas and food at Gilead Christian School. She was trying to get to her parents’ home in Medina.

Officers received a call from the son of a man found dead in his home on Highland Avenue.

Theft – woman arrested for petty theft while at Kroger.

Assist – Officer assisted Morrow County Sheriff’s Office at Road 25 for a metal who was being combative with group home staff. The person was sent to Marion General Hospital.

June 29th

Caller advised of an open door on a vacant house’s garage on East High Street. The officer checked and found nothing out of place. The door was unable to be secured properly. The officer advised maintenance group of the issue.

June 30th

Alarm – Officer responded to an alarm at Town Pump. The alarm stopped upon his arrival. No doors were found unsecured nor were there any sign of break-in.

Caller reported hearing someone in the upstairs apartment at South Rich Street when there should not have been anyone in that apartment. Officer checked the apartment. No signs of forced entry and no one answered the door. The building was secure.

Traffic – Man arrested at E. Center Street and S. Main Street for driving while intoxicated and transported to Morrow County Correctional Facility.

July 1st

Caller advised of an open door at the Morrow County Court House. The officer found the front door slightly open, and the inner door closed and locked. He secured the outer door.

Accident – at E. Marion Street and E. High Street. Man rear-ended another vehicle causing property damage by failing to maintain assured clear distance.

Person reported screaming and a car alarm at West High Street. Officer patrolled the area and found nothing suspicious.

July 3rd

Alarm – at Drug Mart reported. Officer checked the building and found all doors and windows secure.

Alarm – on Lee Street. Officer checked the building and found all doors and windows secure.

Caller advised of a dog left in a vehicle at Kroger. Officer was unable to locate the dog in the vehicle.

Assault – Man arrested for assault and criminal trespassing on West Center Street for assaulting a woman at her apartment and refusing to leave.

July 4th

Theft – Customer at Duke used a debit card to purchase items and failed to enter 4-digit pin and left with items without completing the transaction.

Traffic – man cited at W. Marion Road and Baker Street for driving without a license.

Assist – officer assisted Morrow County Sheriff’s Office for a domestic dispute on State Route 61. Upon arrival the man involved had left the scene. Officer stopped the man at the fairgrounds and he claimed he was the one being assaulted. He admitted to drinking earlier so the officer had him park the vehicle and call a friend to pick him up.

July 5th

Caller reported her vehicle was struck by another vehicle while parked at the Goodwill.

July 6th

Man at Taco Bell was upset about his food not being right, was asked to leave and refused. His money was returned, and he left.

Officers were dispatched to Meadow Drive where a woman jumped out of the car and ran from her doctor’s office when going to her appointment. Her boyfriend stated she was having some issues. Officers searched for her but didn’t find her. Later she was reported turning herself into the Emergency Room.

Officer was advised of a suspicious vehicle being parked at the pump at the Duke station for a long time. The officer contacted the person that stated she was just getting ready to leave. She was waiting for the rain to stop.