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Delaware’s Restoration Brew Worx focuses on quality over quantity

By Glenn Battishill - Aim Media Midwest

Frank Barickman at Restoration Brew Worx.

DELAWARE — Changing palates and an evolving downtown are two of the reasons Restoration Brew Worx is succeeding, according to Managing Partner and Head Brewer Frank Barickman.

The numerous micro-brewed flavors on tap at Restoration are also probably a factor.

Barickman said he’s been a long time home-brewer and is a Grandmaster Beer Judge. In 2015, he decided to get into the professional game after observing the commercial and technical side of beer judging for so long.

“The last 10 years have been awesome [for home-brewing],” Barickman said. “When I started to get into craft beer, you’d be lucky to find anything. That’s why I wanted to start a place with a mom and pop local feeling.”

Barickman said micro-breweries have gone from 2 to 3 percent of the market to 13 percent in the last decade and attributed part of that rise in popularity to changing customer habits.

“People are drinking more for flavor than quantity now,” Barickman said. “That’s why we try to keep a balance of styles of beer. People’s palates are changing. Beer really has a lot of flavors.”

Barickman said Restoration offers dark beer, light beer, Belgian beer, English beers and hops-forward beers. He said Restoration also brews some seasonal flavors like Gingerbread Tripel during the winter season.

“We are basically grain to glass,” Barickman said. “We have 10 barrels that can brew 20 half kegs. We brew once or twice a week.”

He added that many places will order beers to compliment their food, but said at Restoration they make food to compliment their beers.

Barickman said Restoration has many local accounts in Delaware County and delivers to bars in adjacent counties.

“We are focused on smaller communities,” Barickman said. “We go out to give them personal attention. We fill a lot of niches.”

According to Barickman, the rise of microbreweries is similar to the story of downtown Delaware, which he said has grown and blossomed into a destination. He added that Restoration shops from local vendors as much as possible to help grow a strong community.

“We really appreciate the support of the community,” Barickman said. “It’s fun to see people get into craft beer.”

Barickman said more microbreweries are opening in Delaware County and Central Ohio, but said he doesn’t see them as competition.

“Nobody eats at one place seven nights a week,” he said, laughing. “The more we have here, the more we have in our community.”

Frank Barickman at Restoration Brew Worx. Barickman at Restoration Brew Worx.
Delaware’s Restoration Brew Worx focuses on quality over quantity

By Glenn Battishill

Aim Media Midwest