Mount Gilead boys win at Fredericktown

Northmor boys second in XC invitational

Staff Report

The Mount Gilead boys’ cross country team won the 20-team Fredericktown Invitational on Tuesday. The team finished with 54 points, while runner-up Northmor had 106.

Will Baker won the race with a time of 15:48.79, while Reed Supplee took fourth place in 16:22.18. Parker Bartlett placed 10th in 16:38.74, Aaron Gannon took 18th in 17:05.17 and Owen Hershner ran 21st in 17:13.33. Cole Hershner finished 57th in 18:16.01, while Nathan Smith took 72nd with a time of 18:37.16.

Also, Joshua Davis was 85th, Quade Harris was 99th, Tommy Emberg was 100th, Collin Gabriel was 106th, Abram Newson was 127th, Gage Baker was 135th, Ryan Swalley was 144th, Nolan Hershner was 147th, Wyatt Mowry was 149th, Samuel Baer was 159th, Landon Spoon was 176th, Josh Burnaugh was 183rd, Trinton McCarty was 195th, Gavin Keller was 199th and Carson Mowery was 237th.

For Northmor, Ryan Lehman took third place in 16:13.74 and Lucas Weaver finished 14th in 16:52.37. David Blunk came in 19th place in 17:09.84, while Levi Hunter placed 35th in 17:44.21 and Connor Radojcsics took 41st place in 17:57.44. Ethan Amens ran 62nd in 18:23.7 and Thomas Keen claimed 87th in 18:57.64.

Also, Bryce Cooper was 133rd, Parker Brown was 140th, Dane Creswell was 170th, and Dylan Normant was 236th.

Highland placed fifth in the meet with a total of 196 points. Joel Roberts led the team by running 20th in 17:11.76, while Cael Gilmore finished 24th in 17:16.82. Caleb Wetzel took 48th place in 18:03.71, Matthew Miller ran 52nd in 18:09.47 and Hunter Bolton came in 67th place with a time of 18:26.52. Grath Garee finished 68th in 18:26.81 and Corban Benedict finished 74th in 18:42.06.

Also, Daniel Grandstaff was 81st, Jacob Garber was 92nd, Colton Clarkson was 107th, Grant Jennings was 109th, Konner Blaney was 115th, Henry Spence was 160th, Chase Jordan was 165th, Caden Barsic was 188th, Cash LaFever was 190th, Justin Berthold was 214th and Micah McLeod was 226th.

Gilead Christian did not have a full team in the race. Seth Bertam led the Eagles by running 72nd in 18:39.04, while Joseph Bossard finished 172nd in 20:59.81. Also, Jackson Keller took 234th in 25:36.85 and Timothy Jeane placed 241st in 28:38.09.

In the girls’ race, Northmor placed sixth out of 16 teams with 157 points, Highland was ninth with 214 and Mount Gilead took 10th with 218.

The Lady Golden Knights were led by Kate Lehman, who finished fourth with a time of 19:34.4. Natalie Hunter finished 16th in 20:20.67 and Ryann Brinkman took 20th in 20:31.01. Lyla Bishop finished 70th in 22:49.87, while Maizy Brinkman was 84th in 23:28.03, Sarah Abrams took 96th in 23:47.58 and Shelby Cooper finished 103rd in 23:56.19.

Also, Hannah Kanagy was 109th, Kelbie Kightlinger was 119th, Ella Creswell was 125th, Katie Statler was 129th, Harley Barler was 163rd and Emily Littleton was 179th.

For Highland, Lauren Garber took 19th place in 20:29.03, while Kindylle Mallow finished 31st in 21:19.01 and Shelby Conley placed 55th in 22:19.58. Riley Matthews took 69th place in 22:47.65 and Abbie Pruett placed 85th in 23:32.87. Finishing 105th was Morgan Snider in 23:59.61, while Brooklyn Damron took 118th in 24:33.35.

Also, Cara Chamberlain was 149th, Allison Minkos was 150th and Skylar White was 174th.

Mount Gilead was paced by Haley Pfeifer, who claimed 22nd place in 20:34.73. Kimberly Staley followed in 20:43.51, good for 24th place. Karley Wallace was 63rd in 22:37.29, Danielle Pohlkotte took 72nd in 22:55.39 and Madilyn Elson finished 80th in 23:13.08. Grace Shipman ran 108th in 24:05.57, while Ava Baker ran 113th in 24:19.72.

Also, Rebeka Clark was 124th and Natalie Jagger was 148th.

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Northmor boys second in XC invitational