Northmor, Highland cross country teams run in Saturday invitationals


Northmor’s girls finished fifth in the Harding Invitational, held Saturday in Marion.

Kristen Duryea paced the Lady Knights by running sixth in 19:30.2. Samantha Peters placed 25th in 20:39.7, while Brooke Bennett took 36th in 21:14.5. Reanne McDonald was 41st in 21:28.8, Sydney Jennette placed 48th in 21:52.4, Selena Cortez took 50th in 21:53.8 and Samantha Grogg was 73rd in 23:35.4.

Also, Rachel Morrison was 82nd, Sara Drumm finished 89th and Danielle Bettis took 95th.

The boys’ team took ninth place in their race. Spencer Adams led the way for the Knights by taking 29th place in 17:19.9, while James Walker was 59th in 18:16.6. Alec Moore finished 62nd in 18:23.7 and Chase Hoover placed 63rd in 18:25.1, while Mostyn Evans finished 70th in 18:37.4, Kaleb Hart was 71st in 18:38.7 and Collin Berg took 73rd in 18:40.8.

Also, B.J. White was 75th, Kyle Price took 90th and Aaron Berg ran 93rd.

Johnstown Invitational

Competing in the “Hounds” race at the Johnstown Invitational, Highland’s boys took second place.

Devin Johnson placed second overall in 17:35.58, while Collin Kipp was 13th in 19:30.45 and Dalton Lee ran 15th in 19:34.95. Christian Buchholz finished 21st in 20:00.99 and Chandler Bumpus placed 24th in 20:12.99. Nick O’Bryant finished 27th in 20:19.21 and Tyler Bowen was 28th in 20:21.45 for the Scots.

Also, Jimmy Tebbe was 37th, Jesse Matos finished 38th, Caleb Carder was 54th, Luke Rinehart finished 60th, Jacob Manring was 61st and Kahlil Karya ran 62nd.

The girls’ team took fourth place in the “Hawks” division, but took the top two places individually. Sophia Thompson won the race in 21:55.12 and Laura Spearman finished second in 22:14.94. Jena Buchholz placed 17th in 23:37.69 for the Scots, while Olivia Longhenry ran 34th in 25:15.81, Elizabeth Jensen placed 40th in 25:50.15, Jenna Brown ran 41st in 25:58.28 and Clarissa Dudgeon placed 45th in 26:06.22.

Also, Taylor McClung was 46th, Gracie Hinkle ran 54th, Brianna Dado took 69th, Hailey Howard placed 71st and Madison Chaffee claimed 73rd.

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