HOJGA finishes fifth event of summer

Last week, the fifth Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association tournament of the summer season was held at Veterans Memorial Park, Kenton. McCullough Industries, Inc. of Kenton was the event sponsor.

In the 16-18 boys’ class, both Alex Crowe of Fairbanks and Logan Keller of Galion shot 72. Crowe wound up picking up the win on the first playoff hole between the two. Maura Murphy of Pleasant took first in the 13-18 girls’ class. Henry Terry of Olentangy took first in the 13-15 boys’ class. His score was 73. Also, Asher Gates of River Valley won the nine-hole 12-and-under class with a score of 39.

Following are the complete results.

16-18 boys

Alexander Crowe, 72

Logan Keller, 72

Chase Brackenridge, 73

Minoy Shah, 75

Nathan Barre, 79

Micah Greene, 80

Tyler Ufferman, 80

Logan Niese, 80

Mason Rinehart, 80

Weston Prenger, 81

Nathan Newell, 82

Braylan Hart, 82

Lane Kanagy, 95

Michael Farley, 99

Brody Conway, 99

13-15 boys

Henry Terry, 73

Dylan Moore, 79

Ethan Krebs, 85

Jack Seckel, 87

Dawson Hall, 89

Carson Walker, 89

Evan Brown, 94

Weston Ottery, 100

Matt Murphy, 116

Grady Wisecup, 116

13-18 girls

Maura Murphy, 72

Dina Shah, 77

Lainie Rafey, 83

Charlee Brestle, 101

Madelyn Taylor, 103

Rayma Smith, 104

Jorja Ary, 105

Camryn McGlenn, 107

Adi Graham, 121

Olivia Ross, 143


Asher Gates, 39

Grayson Keller, 43

Bryant Berry, 46

Owen Prenger, 47

Nolen West, 48

Jenson Stover, 54

Norrie Plank, 57

Miri Taylor, 62

Emery Gorenflo, 66

Nathan Kirkham, 79

Information received from Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association.

Information received from Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association.