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Mount Gilead’s Michaela McGill earned Runner of the Year honors from the KMAC.

Mount Gilead’s Michaela McGill earned Runner of the Year honors from the KMAC.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Morrow County athletes were well-represented on the KMAC all-conference track teams for the spring 2022 season.

Mount Gilead’s Michaela McGill was named the Runner of the Year in girls’ track. She was a four-time first-team runner. In the league meet, she won the 1600, 800 and 3200 and also was on the winning 3200-meter relay team. Teammate Mikala Harris was named co-Field Athlete of the Year along with East Knox’s Isabelle Grennell. Harris won the discus in the league meet.

In boys’ track, coach Lauren Huelsman was named Coach of the Year. The Indian boys claimed the KMAC title.

In addition to releasing all-conference teams, the KMAC also recognizes one senior from every school for every sport as an All-Academic winner. The winner much have a GPA of at least 3.5.

The KMAC also recognized winners in the middle school track championships. East Knox won both the boys’ and girls’ meets.

Girls’ Track

First Team: Haley Pfeifer, Ava Baker, Kimberly Staley and Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead (3200 relay); Ashley Cockrell, Fredericktown (100 hurdles), Madilyn Elson, Mount Gilead, (100), Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead (1600); Grace Shipman, Asia Jones, Faith White and Madilyn Elson, Mount Gilead (400 relay), Avery Tucker, Centerburg (400), Ashley Cockrell, Fredericktown (300 hurdles), Grace Shipman, Asia Jones, Faith White and Madilyn Elson, Mount Gilead (800 relay); Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead (3200); Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead (800), Madilyn Elson, Mount Gilead (200); Hazel Jolliff, Magi Hallabrin, Alexis Crone and Olivia Holt, Cardington (1600 relay), Avery Tucker, Centerburg (high jump), Hazel Jolliff, Cardington (long jump); Sydney Wilson, Fredericktown (pole vault); Mikala Harris, Mount Gilead (discus); Isabella Grennell, East Knox (shot put).

Second Team: Kacie Rook, Aspen Maggard, Abby Krabill and Elli Kershner, Fredericktown (3200 relay); Rachael Ervin, Northmor (100 hurdles); Ashley Cockrell, Fredericktown (100); Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown (1600); Emily Feeney, Audrey Bouton, Kennedy Fisher and Ashley Cockrell, Fredericktown (400 relay); Alexandria Magers, East Knox (400); Hazel Jolliff, Cardington (300 hurdles); Emily Feeney, Audrey Bouton, Emma Scott and Kennedy Fisher, Fredericktown (800 relay); Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown (3200); Magi Hallabrin, Cardington (800); Brooklynn Hess, Danville (200); Emma Scott, Sydney Wilson, Sadie Sanders and Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown (1600 relay); Meghan Greenawalt, Cardington (high jump); Olivia Holt, Cardington (long jump); Celeste Swihart, Fredericktown (pole vault); Kahlan Ball, Northmor (discus); Andrea Holland, Danville (shot put).

Honorable Mention: Adrian Clutter, Hiba Ezzarouali, Ella Vannatter and Taylor Severt, East Knox (3200 relay); Rebeka Clark, Mount Gilead (100 hurdles); Asia Jones, Mount Gilead (100); Loey Hallabrin, Cardington (1600); Hazel Jolliff, Meghan Greenawalt, Alexis Crone and Olivia Holt, Cardington (400 relay); Alexis Crone, Cardington (400); Rachael Ervin, Northmor (300 hurdles); Ashley Smith, Kylee Hess, Alenah Boeshart and Brooklyn Hess, Danville (800 relay); Loey Hallabrin, Cardington (3200); Abigail Dickhof, Centerburg (800); Asia Jones, Mount Gilead (200); Avery Tucker, Abigail Dickhof, Jadyn Indiciani and Ella Paul, Centerburg (1600 relay); Bella Spencer, Fredericktown (high jump); Maddison Hursey, Mount Gilead (long jump); Grace Shipman, Mount Gilead (pole vault); Allison Crouse, Centerburg (discus); Lilian Rose, Fredericktown (shot put).

All Academic: Olivia Holt, Cardington; Avery Tucker, Centerburg; Alenah Boeshart, Danville; Alexandria Magers, East Knox; Celeste Swihart, Fredericktown; Asia Jones, Mount Gilead; Rachael Ervin, Northmor.

League Champion: Fredericktown.

Runner of the Year: Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead.

Field Athletes of the Year: Mikala Harris, Mount Gilead, and Isabella Grennell, East Knox.

Coach of the Year: Bob Geiger, Fredericktown.

Boys’ Track

First Team: Samuel Whitney, Logan Whitney, Dillon Moreland and Nathan Streby, East Knox (3200 relay); Garret Lamb Hart, Mount Gilead (100 hurdles), Logan High, Mount Gilead, (100), Nathan Streby, East Knox (1600); Owen High, Logan High, Kyan Davis, Quade Harris, Mount Gilead (400 relay), Dillon Moreland, East Knox (400), Gavan Davis, Mount Gilead (300 hurdles), Matthew Bland, Logan High, Kyan Davis and Quade Harris, Mount Gilead (800 relay); Will Baker, Mount Gilead (3200); Nathan Streby, East Knox (800), Quade Harris, Mount Gilead (200); Hayden Baker, Samuel Whitney, Dillon Moreland and Nathan Streby (1600 relay), Owen High, Mount Gilead (high jump), Samuel Whitney (long jump); Brandon Hogg, Fredericktown (pole vault); Mason Lanthorn, Centerburg (discus); Bryer Boeshart, Danville (shot put).

Second Team: Seamus Walsh, Reed Supplee, Aaron Gannon and Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead (3200 relay); Gavan Davis, Mount Gilead (100 hurdles); Jackson Loyd (100); Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead (1600); Gio Cline, Dillon Looney, Bryer Boeshart and Jackson Loyd, Danville (400 relay); Caedmon Platt, Fredericktown (400); Seth Maddon, East Knox (300 hurdles); J.J. Grennell, Justin Woodring, Grant Hartley and Caedmon Platt, Fredericktown (800 relay); Ethan Kemp, Mount Gilead (3200); Lucas Weaver, Northmor (800); Jonathan Miller, Mount Gilead (200); Matthew Bland, Colson Chapman, Quade Harris and Seamus Walsh, Mount Gilead (1600 relay); Jason Bockbrader, Cardington (high jump); Gavan Davis, Mount Gilead (long jump); J.J. Grennell, Fredericktown (pole vault); Joshua Rashley, Fredericktown (discus); Duston Sanders, Northmor (shot put).

Honorable Mention: Alex Hayden, Alex Riegel, Travis Thomas and Gavin Wright, Centerburg (3200 relay); Jacob Hackman, Danville (100 hurdles); Tim Wheeler, Centerburg (100); Alex Hayden, Centerburg (1600); Gabe Hanners, Seth Madden, Tyree Skelton and Zechariah Kauila-Volk, East Knox (400 relay); Matthew Bland, Mount Gilead (400); Gavin Miller, Northmor (300 hurdles); Gabe Hanners, Seth Madden, Ethan Rine and Hayden Baker, East Knox (800 relay); Ryan Lehman, Northmor (3200); Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead (800); Hayden Baker, East Knox (200); Travis Thomas, Oliver Griffith, Mason Turske and Gavin Wright, Centerburg (1600 relay); Joel Conrad, Mount Gilead (high jump); Tim Wheeler, Centerburg (long jump); Connor Radojcsics, Northmor, and Wyatt Harriman, Mount Gilead (pole vault); Troy Likens, Mount Gilead (discus); Jayce Decker, Mount Gilead (shot put).

All Academic: Alex Hayden, Centerburg; Anthony Odu, Danville; Samuel Whitney, East Knox; Zack Luckmeier, Fredericktown; Ethan Kemp, Mount Gilead; Ethan Branch, Northmor.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

Runner of the Year: Nathan Streby, East Knox.

Field Athlete of the Year: Bryer Boeshart, Danville.

Coach of the Year: Lauren Huelsman, Mount Gilead.

Boys’ Middle School Track Winners

David Blunk, Thomas Keen, Connor Stockdale and Ethan Amens, Northmor (3200 relay); Ethan Amens, Northmor (100 hurdles); Logan Clark, East Knox (100); Owen Hershner, Mount Gilead (1600); Caleb Armstrong, Logan Clark, Zeke Proudfoot and Sylas Lamneck, East Knox (400 relay); Antonio Rojas, Fredericktown (400); A.J. Baxter, Zeke Proudfoot, Carver Stephens and Spencer Bennett, East Knox (800 relay);

Aidan Mickley, Danville (200 hurdles); David Blunk, Northmor (800); Evan Marquise, Cardington (200); Cobee Gallogly, Korbin Rogers, Timmy Phillips and Antonio Rojas, Fredericktown (1600 relay); Owen Hershner, Mount Gilead (high jump); Connor Stockdale, Northmor (long jump); Ethan Amens, Northmor (pole vault); Carter Sherman, Cardington (discus); Griffin McClelland, Mount Gilead (shot put).

League Champion: East Knox

Girls’ Middle School Track Winners

Madison Shade, Micah Phillips, Elizabeth Swartzentruber and Peyton Blakesley, Fredericktown (3200 relay); Hailey Cockrell, Fredericktown (100 hurdles); Kelsey Hackman, Danville (100); Malena Streby, East Knox (1600); Katelyn Stephens, Kelsey Hackman, Arianna Keegan and Macy Shaffer, Danville (400 relay); Macie Fawcett, East Knox (400);Olesia Looker, Madelyn Ammerman, Kendall Neal and Danielle Pohlkotte, Mount Gilead (800 relay);

Mackenzie Wilson, East Knox (200 hurdles); Cloe Tucker, East Knox (800); Evie Stowe, Centerburg (200); Macie Fawcett, Cloe Tucker, Malena Streby and Isabelle Bostic, East Knox (1600 relay); Danielle Pohlkotte, Mount Gilead (high jump); Kelsey Hackman, Danville (long jump); Isabelle Bostic, East Knox (pole vault); Ella Bouton, Fredericktown (discus); Ella Bouton, Fredericktown (shot put).

League Champion: East Knox

Mount Gilead’s Michaela McGill earned Runner of the Year honors from the KMAC. Gilead’s Michaela McGill earned Runner of the Year honors from the KMAC. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

By Rob Hamilton

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Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS