KMAC, MOAC hand out fall sports awards

By Rob Hamilton - [email protected]

Dane Nauman.

Dane Nauman.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Michaela McGill.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Maxton Lower.

Don Tudor | Morrow County Sentinel

Kendall Stover.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Michael Snopik.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

A number of Morrow County athletes were recognized when the KMAC announced its all-league teams for the fall sports season.

In football, Highland’s Dane Nauman and Northmor’s Maxton Lower shared Player of the Year honors. Audrey Brininger of Cardington was selected the Player of the Year in volleyball, while Northmor’s Josh Lehman was selected Coach of the Year. Mount Gilead had both the boys’ and girls’ cross country Runner of the Year in Michael Snopik and Michaela McGill. Jake Hayes was also picked Co-Coach of the Year for boys’ cross country.

Following are the fall KMAC award winners.


First Team: Peyton Lester, East Knox; Dane Nauman, Highland; Maxton Lower, Northmor; Kaiden Colopy, Danville; Paul Butterman, Mount Gilead; Kaid Carpenter, Fredericktown; Nate Hickman, Cardington; Xavier Mullens, Fredericktown; Turner Harmon, Highland; Nathan Burwell, East Knox; Duston Sanders, Northmor; Andrew Armrose, Northmor; John Geiger, Centerburg; Tristen Goudy, Danville; Chandler Stevens, Highland; Caiden Slone, East Knox; Alex Johnson, Centerburg; Levi Lyons, Danville; Blake Elliott, East Knox; Garrett Corwin, Northmor; Niko Christo, Northmor; Walker Weckesser, Danville; Shane Knepp, East Knox; Marcus Cortez, Northmor; Tyler Johnson, Centerburg; Garrett Lamb-Hart, Mount Gilead.

Second Team: Max Payne, Danville; Carter Kennon, Mount Gilead; Jack Gregory, Centerburg; Teegan Ruhl, Fredericktown; Trenton Ramos, Northmor; Jarred Rings, Centerburg; Carson Steinmetz, East Knox; Jay Melchiori, Highland; Jordan Welch, Northmor; Mike Kaiser, Centerburg; Kyle Anderson, Highland; Jonathan Artrip, Northmor; Judah Reid, Mount Gilead; Wyatt Weckesser, Danville; Ashton Plowman, Cardington; Caden Holtrey, Highland; Gavin Whited, Northmor; Joe Denney, Cardington; Caylan LeMaster, Centerburg; Eli Grandstaff, Highland; Jon Jensen, Highland; Dustin Beckett, Danville; Dillon Moreland, East Knox; Eli Huffman, Cardington; Jesse Rings, Centerburg; Cody Matthews, Highland; Dominic Vargo, Centerburg.

Honorable Mention: Colin McAvoy, Cardington; Hunter Parker, Centerburg; Kendall Carter, Danville; Blake Bonham, East Knox; JJ Grennell, Fredericktown; Gavin Hankins, Highland; Troy Likens, Mount Gilead; C.J. Stoney, Northmor.

All Academic: Griffin Workman, Northmor; Peyton Lester, East Knox; Eli Grandstaff, Highland; Jack Gregory, Centerburg; Zack Luckmeier, Fredericktown; Joe Denney, Cardington; Garrett Lamb-Hart, Mount Gilead.

Players of the Year: Dane Nauman, Highland, and Maxton Lower, Northmor.

Coach of the Year: Cody Reese, East Knox.

League Champions: Highland and East Knox.

Middle School Champion: Northmor.


First Team: Cadie Long, Cardington; Audrey Brininger, Cardington; Lindsey Boeshart, Fredericktown; Audrey Bouton, Fredericktown; Stella Weisbrod, Centerburg; Gwyn Sands, Centerburg; Reagan Swihart, Northmor; Lexi Wenger, Northmor.

Second Team: Izzy Wickline, Cardington; Jadine Mills, Cardington; Sydney Wilson, Danville; Grace Sipes, Fredericktown; Grace Mowery, Mount Gilead; Kylie Schaeferle, Centerburg; Kennedi Glenn, Centerburg; Shanda Melick, East Knox.

Honorable Mention: Maggie Wade, Cardington; Amani Marshall, Centerburg; Sierra Arnal, Danville; Isabelle Schlaegel, East Knox; Riley McCoy, Mount Gilead; Lizzie Erlsten, Northmor; Katie Mull, Fredericktown.

All Academic: Olivia Holt, Cardington; Kylie Schaeferle, Centerburg; Sierra Arnal, Danville; Brenna Remy, East Knox; Molly Murphy, Mount Gilead; Rachael Ervin, Northmor, Lainy Partington, Fredericktown.

Player of the Year: Audrey Brininger, Cardington.

Coach of the Year: Josh Lehman, Northmor.

League Champion: Cardington.

Seventh Grade Tournament Champion: Centerburg.

Eighth Grade Tournament Champion: Fredericktown.

Boys’ Cross Country

First Team: Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead; Reed Supplee, Mount Gilead; Will Baker, Mount Gilead; Ryan Lehman, Northmor; Nathan Streby, East Knox; Alex Hayden, Centerburg; Parker Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Ethan Kemp, Mount Gilead; Ethan Honzo, Mount Gilead; Samuel Whitney, East Knox.

Second Team: Josh Alexander, Fredericktown; Greg Beard, Centerburg; Xavier Platt, Fredericktown; Gavin Wright, Centerburg; Owen Krabill, Fredericktown; Travis Thomas, Centerburg; Colson Chapman, Mount Gilead; Noah Smith, Fredericktown; Logan Whitney, East Knox; Lucas Weaver, Northmor.

All Academic: Bryce Moodispaugh, Cardington; Alex Hayden, Centerburg; Samuel Whitney, East Knox; Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead; T.J. Diehl, Northmor; Xavier Platt, Fredericktown.

Runner of the Year: Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead.

Coaches of the Year: Mike Eblin, Centerburg, and Jake Hayes, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

Girls’ Cross Country

First Team: Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead; Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown; Natalie VanMeter, Fredericktown; Taylor Brown, Fredericktown; Loey Hallabrin, Cardington; Haley Pfeifer, Mount Gilead; Avery Tucker, Centerburg; Adrian Clutter, East Knox; Gracie Meade, Cardington; Magi Hallabrin, Cardington.

Second Team: Ava Baker, Mount Gilead; Lauren Johnson, Northmor; Taylor Thome, Fredericktown; Kimberly Staley, Mount Gilead; Kelsey Scott, Fredericktown; Jayden Indiciani, Centerburg; Karley Wallace, Mount Gilead; Kacie Rook, Fredericktown; Riley Johnson, Northmor; Hazel Jolliff, Cardington.

All Academic: Mikayla Linkous, Cardington; Avery Tucker, Centerburg; Alexandria Magers, East Knox; Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead; Maddison Yaussy, Northmor; Natalie VanMeter, Fredericktown.

League Champion: Fredericktown.

Runner of the Year: Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead.

Coach of the Year: Bob Geiger, Fredericktown.

Middle School Girls Top Ten

Kate Lehman, Northmor; Payton Tucker, Centerburg; Micah Phillips, Fredericktown; Cloe Tucker, East Knox; Malena Streby, East Knox; Ava Lodahl, Fredericktown; Madi Shade, Fredericktown; Elizabeth Swartzentruber, Fredericktown; Sophie Mosher, Mount Gilead; Isabelle Bostic, East Knox.

League Champion: Fredericktown.

Middle School Boys Top Ten

Owen Hershner, Mount Gilead; David Blunk, Northmor; Ethan Amens, Northmor; Thomas Keen, Northmor; Ethan Turner, Mount Gilead; Kaiden Clutter, East Knox; Isaiah Kanagy, Fredericktown; Jaxon Bechtler, Northmor; Andrew Dickhof, Centerburg; Korbin Rogers, Fredericktown.

League Champion: Northmor.

Girls’ Golf

First Team: Amaiah Gammell, Centerburg; Ava Parker, Fredericktown; Somi Bright, Centerburg; Liby Carpenter, Elgin; Katelyn Miley, Northmor; Olivia Griffith, Centerburg.

Second Team: Braelyn Ingles, Northmor; Ariane Retolaza, Fredericktown; Avery Glenn, Centerburg; Brooklyn Kissling, Northmor; Kylie Rhodes, Elgin, Emma Reed, Fredericktown.

Honorable Mention: Katie Dean, Northmor; Ella Paul, Centerburg; Darienne Hammond, Fredericktown; Hannah Bressi, Fredericktown; Callie Miller, Elgin; Lexy Davenport, Elgin.

All Academic: Liby Carpenter, Elgin; Lauren Beard, Centerburg; Emma Reed, Fredericktown.

Golfer of the Year: Amaiah Gammell, Centerburg.

Coach of the Year: Kathy Compton, Centerburg.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Boys’ Golf

First Team: Will Streby, Fredericktown; Steven Street, Mount Gilead; Ashton Priest, East Knox; Ian Muka, Fredericktown; Bennett Hill, Centerburg; Dalton Hall, Centerburg.

Second Team: Levi Houck, Centerburg; Grant Bentley, Northmor; Dallas Cornett, Centerburg; Reed Compton, Centerburg; Ryan Morton, East Knox; Dylan Reed, East Knox.

Honorable Mention: Alex Spaulding, Fredericktown; Aidric Bocock, East Knox; Ethan Branch, Northmor; Brad West, Cardington; Brady Lester, Fredericktown; Cooper Thomas, Northmor.

All Academic: McKinnon Mead, Centerburg; Ethan Branch, Northmor; Alex Spaulding, Fredericktown; Anna Marocco, Mount Gilead.

Golfer of the Year: Will Streby, Fredericktown.

Coaches of the Year: Nathan Altizer, Centerburg, and Stephen Sterling, East Knox.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Highland Scots

Highland athletes competing in volleyball, cross country, soccer and golf earned awards in the MOAC this year, as the Scots competed in that conference in all fall sports except football.

In volleyball, Highland earned both the Coach of the Year and Player of the Year awards. Rob Terrill earned the coaching honor, while Kendall Stover was deemed the top athlete in that sport. Stover was also a first-team pick, as was Ashlynn Belcher. Both Brylinn Tuggle and Zoya Winkelfoos were named to the second team and Emma West picked up honorable mention.

In boys’ soccer, Adi Karya was named to the first team, while Zane Sheets was a second-team selection and Jackson Chaffee earned honorable mention recognition. On the girls’ soccer team, Emma Hinkle was a first-team pic. Amarie Morgan was selected to the second team and Lily McElroy was named honorable mention.

Emerson Grassbaugh was named to the first team in boys’ golf, while the girls’ team had Ceci Grassbaugh as a first-team selection. Mallory Jones was named to the second team.

In boys’ cross country, Joel Roberts was named to the second team and Grath Garee was an honorable mention recipient. Jade Disbennett was a second-team pick in girls’ cross country.

Dane Nauman. Nauman. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Michaela McGill. McGill. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Maxton Lower. Lower. Don Tudor | Morrow County Sentinel

Kendall Stover. Stover. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Michael Snopik. Snopik. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

By Rob Hamilton

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Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS