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By Rob Hamilton -

Youth shooters were at Cardinal Center earlier in July for the SCTP Nationals.

Youth shooters were at Cardinal Center earlier in July for the SCTP Nationals.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Cardinal Center hosted the Scholastic Clay Target Program Nationals from July 8-17, as school-age trapshooters from around the country came to Morrow County to try their hand in a number of events.

Over the duration of the event, a total of nine events were held. Winners in each group competing in those events are listed below.

125 Target International Skeet

Overall: Jordan Sapp, Ben Avery Clay Crushers, 116.

Team: Sauk County Youth Shooting Team, 291.

Men: All, Jordan Sapp, 116; Collegiate, Chris Freeman, 107; Intermediate, Kyler Weiss, 92; Senior, Jordan Sapp, 116.

Ladies: All, Julia Nelson, 105; Collegiate, Julia Nelson, 105; Intermediate, Allison Thompson, 37; Senior, Haidyn Stewart, 102.

100 Target Super Sporting

Overall: Preston Lanchart, Mansfield Young Guns, 97.

Team: Rookie, South Gibson County Shooting Sports, 109; Intermediate/Entry, Lake Oconee Shotgun Team, 197; Intermediate/Advanced, Lake Oconee Shotgun Team, 252; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Central Georgia Elite Shooters, 253; Senior/Varsity, Central Georgia Elite Shooters, 278; Collegiate, PC Eagles, 259.

Men: Rookie, Owen Spivey, 70; Intermediate/Entry, Cylas Prince, 82; Intermediate/Advanced, Jake Nicholson, 93; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Dalton Dennis, 91; Senior/Varsity, Preston Lanchart, 97; Collegiate, Thomas Rose, 93.

Ladies: Rookie, Taylor Hilliard, 56; Intermediate/Entry, Ella Guidotti, 74; Intermediate/Advanced, Madalynn Schroeder, 81; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Taylor Dale, 82; Senior Varsity, Dallas Ward, 94; Collegiate, Melissa Grobleski, 87.

100 Target Bunker Trap

Overall: Jack Brosseau, Tampa Bay Clays, 93

Team: Collegiate, Tampa Bay Clays, 258; Intermediate, Fudd Dusters Shotgun Sporting Team, 143; Senior, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club, 245.

Men: All, Jack Brosseau, 93; Collegiate, Jack Brosseau, 93; Intermediate, Aidan Morlock, 75; Senior, Eyan Marx, 86.

Ladies: All, Sydney Krieger, 87; Collegiate, Aiko Coloso, 84; Intermediate, Paige Gann, 69; Senior, Sydney Krieger, 87.

200 Target American Skeet

Overall: Mason Wyatt Freels, 200.

Team: Collegiate, Forest City Juniors, 592; Senior, Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team, 588; Rookie, Forest City Rookies, 485; Intermediate/Entry, Forest City IE1, 540; Intermediate/Advanced, Waterford WI Nat Skeet 5, 576; Senior/Jr. Varsity, #1 CEGS JV, 575; Senior/Varsity, Forest City Varsity Green, 591; Open, Best Skeet 2, 579.

Men: Rookie, Carson Lingle, 191; Intermediate/Entry, Gunnar Reed, 193; Intermediate/Advanced, Drake Tingler, 195; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Ethan Crawford, 195; Senior/Varsity, Mason Wyatt Freels, 200; Collegiate, Dominick Ver Meter, 199.

Ladies: Rookie, Taylor Hilliard, 184; Intermediate/Entry, Isabella Carr, 187; Intermediate/Advanced, Ayden McKenzie, 193; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Chloe Pemberton, 197; Senior Varsity, Dallas Ward, 198; Collegiate, Gracie Whitley, 196.

200 Target Doubles Trap

Overall: Landon Sievers, 193.

Team: Collegiate, Iowa Central Community College, 893; Rookie, SGC Rookie, 568; Intermediate/Entry, Lost IE, 599; Intermediate/Advanced, Waterford WI NAT DT3, 833; Senior/Jr. Varsity, SGC JV, 764; Senior/Varsity, Golden Edge Varsity, 928; Open, Pleasant Valley Varsity Navy, 902.

Men: Rookie, Andrew Pohlman, 160; Intermediate/Entry, Lane Adkins, 176; Intermediate/Advanced, Brayden Hoppa, 184; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Logan Sease, 190; Senior/Varsity, Landon Sievers, 193; Collegiate, Bryce Posten, 184.

Ladies: Rookie, Taylor Hilliard, 151; Intermediate/Entry, Addyson Wehrman, 147; Intermediate/Advanced, Kaitlyn Myers, 153; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Zoie Clark, 172; Senior Varsity, Raylee Bishop, 181; Collegiate, Taya Myers, 183.

200 Target Handicap Trap

Overall: Drake Tingler, 193.

Team: Collegiate, Iowa Central Community College, 847; Rookie, SGC Rookie, 648; Intermediate/Entry, Buckeye Chippewa HDCP IE, 765; Intermediate/Advanced, Waterford WI NAT HT3, 898; Senior/Jr. Varsity, LOST JV, 783; Senior/Varsity, Ankeny Jaguars Freedom, 918; Open, Buckeye Chippewa Open, 889.

Men: Rookie, Andrew Pohlman, 171; Intermediate/Entry, Lane Adkins, 184; Intermediate/Advanced, Drake Tingler, 193; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Chase Bindl, 186; Senior/Varsity, Steven Margherio, 193; Collegiate, Tristan Hoy, 191.

Ladies: Rookie, Alexandria Aron, 176; Intermediate/Entry, Addyson Wehrman, 166; Intermediate/Advanced, Morgan Hilliard, 183; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Gabby Wright, 176; Senior Varsity, Ava Downs, 191; Collegiate, Culley Emerson, 171.

200 Target Sporting Clays

Overall: Rennie Wilson III, 197.

Team: Collegiate, Forest City Juniors, 563; Senior, Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team, 560; Rookie, Forest City Rookies, 351; Intermediate/Entry, Caden Carter, 165; Intermediate/Advanced, Hawkeyes National #1, 510; Senior/Jr. Varsity, #5 CGES JV Red Sporting, 507; Senior/Varsity, Etowah Mambas Varsity Red, 569; Open, GCYG Nat Mixed, 543.

Men: Rookie, Grant Glossner, 161; Intermediate/Entry, Lane Adkins, 176; Intermediate/Advanced, Brendan Riggins, 187; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Jackson Ferland, 178; Senior/Varsity, Rennie Wilson III, 197; Collegiate, Colin Davis, 190.

Ladies: Rookie, June McKenzie, 127; Intermediate/Entry, McKenna Wojcheszak, 136; Intermediate/Advanced, Ayden McKenzie, 167; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Ruby Osmond, 173; Senior Varsity, Dallas Ward, 177; Collegiate, Madison Sharpe, 180.

200 Target Singles Trap

Overall: Landon Sievers, 200.

Team: Collegiate, Iowa Central Community College, 982; Senior, Ankeny Centennial Jaguars, 984; Rookie, Moulton Rookies, 834; Intermediate/Entry, Ida IE A, 888; Intermediate/Advanced, Waterford WI Nat Trap 4, 948; Senior/Jr. Varsity, LESL 2, 949; Senior/Varsity, Ankeny Centennial Jaguars Freedom, 977; Open, Williams Valley Vikings, 956.

Men: Rookie, Tyler Burton, 191; Intermediate/Entry, Brayden Cosper, 199; Intermediate/Advanced, Connor Daniel, 198; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Mason Smith, 199; Senior/Varsity, Landon Sievers, 200; Collegiate, Thayne Chapin, 200.

Ladies: Rookie, Stella Young, 177; Intermediate/Entry, Allie Watson, 191; Intermediate/Advanced, Madison Oswalt, 192; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Lillian West, 194; Senior Varsity, Jaycee Beckham, 197; Collegiate, Jessica Gunderson, 196.

100 Target Doubles Skeet

Overall: Connard Bailey, 99.

Team: Collegiate, Hillsdale College, 287; Rookie, Forest City Doubles 10, 194; Intermediate/Entry, Forest City Doubles 9, 256; Intermediate/Advanced, LOST IA Blue, 277; Senior/Jr. Varsity, CGES JV Black, 275; Senior/Varsity, Etowah Mambas Varsity Red, 284; Open, Sure Shots, 279.

Men: Rookie, Carson Lingle, 80; Intermediate/Entry, Gage Maxson, 92; Intermediate/Advanced, Drake Tingler, 98; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Isaiah Weakley, 97; Senior/Varsity, Connard Bailey, 99; Collegiate, Samuel Le Cras, 99.

Ladies: Rookie, Taylor Hilliard, 85; Intermediate/Entry, Bella Farley, 88; Intermediate/Advanced, Morgan Hilliard, 91; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Lilly Herr, 96; Senior Varsity, Amy Cawley, 95; Collegiate, Emersyn Berck, 97.

Youth shooters were at Cardinal Center earlier in July for the SCTP Nationals. shooters were at Cardinal Center earlier in July for the SCTP Nationals. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

By Rob Hamilton

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS