Highland hosts Saturday XC meet

By Rob Hamilton

[email protected]

Highland hosted Cardington, Centerburg and Northmor in a quad meet Saturday.

The Scot boys and Lady Pirates earned wins on the day in the high school races.

In the boys’ race, Highland was led by second-place Joel Roberts, who had a time of 17:15.9. Hunter Bolton was third in 17:22 and Aaron Gannon finished fourth in 18:16.5. Caleb Wetzel finished seventh in 18:25.3, while Kaden Miller claimed 15th in 18:59. Grath Garee was 21st in 19:23.6 and Tucker Tague placed 24th in 19:34.6.

Also, Corban Benedict was 25th, Daniel Grandstaff was 33rd, Andrew Ward was 35th, Russell Martin was 40th, Zakye Mallow was 44th and Harken Peck was 46th.

The Northmor boys claimed second place in the meet, with Lucas Weaver finishing fifth in 18:18.1, Kooper Keen running eighth in 18:32.9 and Connor Radojcsics claiming ninth in 18:36.4. Griffin Healea took 13th in 18:51 and Ryan Lehman was 14th in 18:52.4, while T.J. Diehl placed 18th in 19:17 and Bryce Cooper took 20th in 19:18.3.

Also, Jed Adams was 28th and Dylan Amens was 32nd.

For fourth-place Cardington, Mason White was the race winner in 16:30.7. Kaleb Meade finished 11th in 18:46.8 and Mike Rose took 12th in 18:48.5. Austin Henthorn ran 26th in 19:39, while Devin Gheen was 27th in 20:17.9, James Hallabrin placed 38th in 22:48.2 and Ryan Clinger took 41st in 23:20.7.

Also, Bryce Moodispaugh was 42nd and Sam West was 43rd.

In the girls’ race, the Lady Pirates were led by having the top two finishers in Louie Hallabrin (first, 20:23.6) and Morgan White (second, 21:20.2). Gracie Meade took 11th in 22:20.6, while Hazel Jolliff ran 13th in 23:15.3. Marlo Young finished 19th in 25:43.6 and Madison Brehm claimed 20th in 26:00.

Second-place Northmor was led by Lauren Johnson, who was sixth in 21:39.3. Riley Johnson finished seventh in 21:51.1, while Julia Kanagy ran 10th in 22:10.9. Emilee Jordan finished 14th in 23:16 and Olivia Goodson placed 15th in 23:38.3, while Maddison Yaussy took 17th in 23:51.5 and Kristie Wright placed 18th in 24:06.6.

Also, Sydney Kelley was 24th, Hannah Kanagy was 26th, Haley Dille was 29th, and Kelbie McDonald was 36th.

Highland was third in the meet, with Mia White running fifth in 21:34.8 and Jade Disbennett taking eighth in 21:55.2. Camberly Schade was ninth in 22:08.1, Lauren Garber finished 12th in 22:59.6 and Hannah Wagner placed 23rd in 26:40.1. Kelsea Whisman placed 25th in 26:58.2, while Greer Orr took 27th in 27:39.3.

Also, Shelby Conley was 28th, Madison Howard was 32nd, Juli Ward was 33rd and Ellie Pruett was 37th.

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