Highland Middle School gives awards

Highland Middle School eighth grade students Hannah Wagner, Aron West, Camryn Miller, Hayden Kline, Morgan Snider, Neveah Woods, Caitlyn Thieret Mooty, Annabelle Clever, Kayla McLeod, Kylee Cooper, Zane Sheets, Aidan Neibert, Mason Weiss, and Trevor Stewart have been selected to receive sportsmanship and citizenship honors for their conduct as student-leaders during the 2019-2020 school year.

Wagner and West received the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s prestigious Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award. The award, named for two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin, is presented each year to a male student and a female student who have been outstanding in their efforts to promote sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity in the school and community.

Miller and Kline received the National Federation of High School’s National Award of Excellence. The award is presented to students that have exhibited qualities that embody good citizenship, good moral character, good sporting behavior, and are positive role models for others.

Snider, Woods, Thieret Mooty, Clever, McLeod, Cooper, Sheets, Neibert, Weiss, and Stewart received the HMS Scot Pride award. The award is aligned with the positive behavior expectations at Highland Middle School, and these students demonstrated in all areas behavior that was honorable, mindful, and self-aware.

The honorees were presented their awards at individual times during the last week of May. The National Federation of High Schools, the Ohio High School Athletic Association, and Highland Middle School strongly support good sportsmanship among the youth and adults in our schools and workplaces.

Information received from Matt Bradley.

Information received from Matt Bradley.