KMAC bowling meet held Saturday

By Rob Hamilton - [email protected]

Cardington and Fredericktown shared KMAC meet bowling titles, as the Freddies claimed the girls’ championship, while the Pirates were the winners in the boys’ meet, held Saturday at Galion’s Victory Lanes.

Cardington had 3578 pins in the boys’ meet, while Northmor was second with 3409, Highland took third with 3050 and Mount Gilead was seventh with 1521.

The Pirates were led by Tyler Kintz’s three-game total of 635, while Eric Hamilton rolled 545 and Silas Horton scored 515 and Michael Rose scored 421. Two other bowlers combined for the other three games. In Baker games, the team scored 1083.

For Northmor, Joe Baldinger had a three-game series of 528, while Zach Govoni rolled 523. Tyler Bailey had a score of 470, Wesley Hammond rolled 466 and Bob Guiler’s total was 431 pins. The team’s Baker game total was 991.

Highland’s Zach Watts rolled three games of 465 ball, while Tyler Disbennett’s score was 415.Three bowlers rolled two of the three games, while three other bowlers had two games each. The team had a Baker total of 953.

Mount Gilead had a Baker total of 436. Individually, the team had four bowlers compete in Austin Layer (384 series), William West (329), Austin Swick (220) and Damien Searls (152).

In the girls’ meet, Northmor finished 58 pins behind Fredericktown with 3011, good for second place. Cardington was third with 2924, Mount Gilead took fourth with 2441 and Highland placed sixth with 2274.

For Northmor, Kristen Bittner led the team with a score of 455. Kourtney Rinehart’s total of 447, while both Maddie Hoverland and Emilie Drumm had 438 pins. Three other girls rolled one game each, while the team finished with an 880 in Baker games.

Cardington’s Payton Goodman had a three-game total of 486, while Peyton Counts rolled 456 and Laney Sherbourne added 439, while other bowlers rolled one or two games. The team’s Baker total was 829.

Mount Gilead was led by Mikayla Meyer’s total of 427 pins. Lacie Baldwin’s score was 413 and Ashleah Levings scored 351. The team had a 732 Baker total and three other girls rolled two games each.

Highland’s Baker total was 721. Individually, Paige Hicks had a total of 373 and Faith Stewart rolled 319. Joleigh Burson had a three-game total of 281, while five other bowlers rolled at least one game.

For the regular season, Northmor won the girls’ championship with an 11-1 league record (17-1 overall) after topping Cardington on Friday. By virtue of beating the Golden Knights in the boys’ meet, Cardington edged Northmor to finish with a 12-0 league record (14-2 overall) and a title.

The Northmor girls were led by Tory Carver’s 350 series, which included a 193 game in their 1988-1941 win. The team also got a 320 series from Rinehart, a 298 one from Bittner and a 295 one from Kahlan Ball. The team also totaled 362 pins in Baker games.

Cardington was led by 373 games by both Sydnie Wilson and Goodman, while Morgan Lehner rolled 361 and Sherbourne scored 292. The team had a 303 total in Baker games.

In the boys’ competition, Cardington edged Northmor 2090-2060, with a 401 day by Horton. Kintz rolled 359, Rose scored 353, Hamilton scored 349 and Mike Blake added a 326 day, while the team had 305 Baker game pins.

For the Golden Knights, Govoni totaled 413 pins. Bailey added 361 and was followed by Baldinger (319), Hammond, 311) and Guiler (280). The team also had 376 in the Baker games.

By Rob Hamilton

[email protected]

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS