All-KMAC teams named

By Rob Hamilton - [email protected]

Raina Terry

Raina Terry

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Liam Dennis

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Loey Hallabrin

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Three Morrow County athletes earned awards from the KMAC for being the top athlete in their respective sports when the conference handed out its fall sports awards.

Loey Hallabrin of Cardington was named the Runner of the Year in girls’ cross country, while Mount Gilead’s Liam Dennis earned that award in boys’ cross country and Raina Terry of Highland was picked as 2019’s top volleyball player.

Also, Rob Terrill of Highland was named the Coach of the Year for volleyball and Mount Gilead’s Jake Hayes received that honor for boys’ cross country.

The KMAC also recognizes one senior from each school in each sport who possesses a 3.5 GPA or better as an All-Academic winner. Following are the athletes and coaches recognized by the KMAC.


First Team: Kadden Lester, East Knox; Caleb Gallwitz, East Knox; Trey Brininger, Cardington; Gage Steinmetz, East Knox; Treyton Slone, East Knox; Turner Harmon, Highland; Hayden Hankinson, Centerburg; Brandon Planey, Northmor; Tyler Wilson, Danville; Luke Grosscup, East Knox; Ian McKnight, Centerburg; Alec Ziegman, Fredericktown; Hunter Mariotti, Northmor; Jack Weaver, Highland; Donnell Marshall, Centerburg; Nick McAvoy, Cardington; Cam Cutrone, Highland; Trey Kendrick, Centerburg; Blake Miller, Northmor; Dawson David, East Knox; Weston Melick, East Knox; Wyatt Reeder, Northmor; Wyatt Hornsby, Highland; Owen Blanton, Mount Gilead; Langdon Johnson, Danville; Braden Kannady, East Knox; Logan Randolph, Northmor; Ellis Grizenko, Centerburg.

Second Team: Jack Gregory, Centerburg; Brady Mermann, Mount Gilead; Gavin Ramos, Northmor; Hayden Sutton, Centerburg; John Weckesser, Danville; Kaden Bates, East Knox; Caiden Stone, East Knox; Andrew Waddell, Centerburg; Hunter Brookover, Northmor; Nate Rogers, Mount Gilead; Ian Toller, East Knox; Josh Reid, Highland; Brent Reed, Danville; Jacob Simmons, Mount Gilead; Garison Hankins, Highland; Holden Cochran, Centerburg; Corey Webb, Fredericktown; Austin Hammond, Northmor; Charlie Cook, Danville; Shane Knepp, East Knox; Terry Fearn, Fredericktown; Trenton Ramos, Northmor; Garrett Lamb-Hart, Mount Gilead; Cade Leach, East Knox; Landon Remmert, Highland; Joel Butterman, Mount Gilead.

Honorable Mention: Ethan Trainer, Northmor; Andy Williamson, Mount Gilead; Cody Matthews, Highland; Jeremiah McKinley, Fredericktown; Raymond Snyder, East Knox; Nick O’Dell, Danville; Nate Hickman, Cardington; Garrett Campos, Centerburg.

All-Academic: Nate Rogers, Mount Gilead; Dawson David, East Knox; Jack Weaver, Highland; Hayden Sutton, Centerburg; Conor Becker, Northmor; Charlie Cook, Danville; Terry Fearn, Fredericktown.

Player of the Year: Caleb Gallwitz, East Knox.

Coach of the Year: Cody Reese, East Knox.

League Champion: East Knox.

Middle School Champion: East Knox.

Girls’ Cross Country

First Team: Loey Hallabrin, Cardington; Camberly Schade, Highland; Avery Tucker, Centerburg; Baylee Hack, Mount Gilead; Emily Hanft, Mount Gilead; Julianna Ditullio, Northmor; Natalie Vanmeter, Fredericktown; Aeryn Walters, Centerburg; Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown; Olivia Millisor, Mount Gilead.

Second Team: Makenna Hennell, Centerburg; Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead; Lauren Johnson, Northmor; Riley Johnson, Northmor; Georgie Caputo, Fredericktown; Sadie Sanders, Fredericktown; Emma Linhares, Fredericktown; Abigail Dickhof, Centerburg; Julia Kanagy, Northmor; Lauren Garber, Highland.

All-Academic: Baylee Hack, Mount GIlead; Julianna Ditullio, Northmor; Aeryn Walters, Centerburg; Georgie Caputo, Fredericktown.

Runner of the Year: Loey Hallabrin, Cardington.

Coach of the Year: Mike Eblin, Centerburg.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Middle School Champion: Fredericktown.

Boys’ Cross Country

First Team: Liam Dennis, Mount Gilead; Thomas Caputo, Fredericktown; Mason White, Cardington; Ethan Supplee, Mount Gilead; Brett Shipman, Mount Gilead; Evan France, Fredericktown; Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead; Gavvin Keen, Northmor; Titus Krabill, Fredericktown; Eric Mowery, Mount Gilead.

Second Team: Ethan Dudgeon, Fredericktown; Nathan Streby, East Knox; Hunter Bolton, Highland; Racine Hallabrin, Cardington; Kooper Keen, Northmor; Blake Johnson, Centerburg; Reed Supplee, Mount Gilead; Austin Amens, Northmor; Will Carlisle, Centerburg; Zachary Wetzel, Highland.

All-Academic: Liam Dennis, Mount Gilead; Thomas Caputo, Fredericktown; Austin Amens, Northmor; Bruce Jordan, Highland; William Carlisle, Centerburg; Nathan Whitney, East Knox.

Runner of the Year: Liam Dennis, Mount Gilead.

Coach of the Year: Jake Hayes, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

Middle School Champion: Highland.


First Team: Drew Salyers, East Knox; Dalton Hall, Centerburg; Nathan Friel, East Knox; Emerson Grassbaugh, Highland; Mallory Graham, Mount Gilead; Cayman Spires, Cardington.

Second Team: Gunner Oakley, Highland; Danny Vaught, Cardington; Steven Street, Mount Gilead; Drew Santo, Highland; Graham Simpson, Mount Gilead, Levi Houck, Centerburg.

Honorable Mention: Dallas Cornett, Centerburg; Reed Compton, Centerburg; Landon Griffith, Centerburg; Owen Mott, Highland; Nathan Streby, East Knox; Chase McLarnan, Danville.

All-Academic: Liam Warren, Cardington; Mallory Graham, Mount Gilead; Alex Spaulding, Fredericktown; Nick Daniels, Centerburg; Branton Howard, Highland; Bryan Hockenberry, East Knox.

Player of the Year: Drew Salyers, East Knox.

Coach of the Year: Nathan Altizer, Centerburg.

League Champions: Centerburg and East Knox.


First Team: Raina Terry, Highland; Makenna Belcher, Highland; Meggan Bartok, East Knox; Olivia Mast, Fredericktown; Kelsey Boeshart, Fredericktown; Leslie Brubaker, Northmor; Hannah Wickline, Cardington; Kyleigh Bonnette, Cardington; Brittney Holt, Danville.

Second Team: Lindsey Boeshart, Fredericktown; Kendall Stover, Highland; Natalie Coffing, Centerburg; Hallie Rine, East Knox; Makenzie Bump, Mount Gilead; Hannah Vaughn, Fredericktown; Hannah Bailey, Danville; Macy Miracle, Northmor.

Honorable Mention: Gena West, Highland; Reign Hernandez, East Knox; Taylor Snowden, Centerburg; Summer Weller, Fredericktown; Audrey Brininger, Cardington; Jessica Brewer, Mount Gilead; Ally Bower, Danville; Julianne Kincaid, Northmor.

All-Academic: Lillee Keltner, Highland; Hallie Rine, East Knox; Grace Mulpas, Centerburg; Paige Oswalt, Fredericktown; Hannah Wickline, Cardington; Jessica Brewer, Mount Gilead; Aubrey Dawson, Danville; Macy Miracle, Northmor.

Player of the Year: Raina Terry, Highland.

Coach of the Year: Rob Terrill, Highland.

League Champion: Highland.

Freshman Tournament Champion: Highland.

Eighth Grade Tournament Champion: Centerburg.

Seventh Grade Tournament Champion: Highland.

Raina Terry Terry Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Liam Dennis Dennis Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Loey Hallabrin Hallabrin Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

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Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS