CC teams in weekend invitationals

By Rob Hamilton -

The Northmor girls’ cross country squad took third place in the 12-team Ontario Invitational on Saturday.

Lauren Johnson finished in 14th place with a time of 21:14.36, while Riley Johnson claimed 18th in 21:58.46. Julia Kanagy placed 21st in 22:17.2, Julianna Ditullio took 23rd in 22:36.41 and Olivia Goodson ran 26th in 23:00.06. Emilee Jordan ran 39th in 23:38.35, while Sabrina Kelley took 42nd in 23:50.26.

Also, Felicia Galleher was 47th, Maddison Yaussy was 73rd, Carolyn McGaulley was 74th, Kaylene Brinkman was 82nd, Sydney Kelley was 90th, Bailey Snyder was 105th and Haley Dille was 111th.

The boys’ team ran ninth in a 15-team race, with Kooper Keen placing 36th in 18:42.84 and Austin Amens claiming 37th in 18:48.77. Lucas Weaver took 55th in 19:45.18, Connor Radojcsics was 57th in 19:46.63 and T.J. Diehl placed 67th in 20:09.42. P.J. Lower finished 93rd in 21:10.08 and Jack Sears was 101st in 21:29.65.

Also, Jedd Adams was 112th, Jayden McClain was 129th, Kolten Hart was 131st, Nyk Cook was 136th and Tyler Parsons was 150th.

Highland Scots

The Highland boys took fourth place in Saturday’s Black River Invitational, while the girls’ team was fifth.

In the 16-team boys’ race, Hunter Bolton placed 10th in 18:08.8 to lead the way. Joel Roberts took 28th in 18:53.7, Zachary Wetzel finished 35th in 19:12.2 and Bruce Jordan claimed 37th in 19:15.3. Caleb Wetzel ran 40th in 19:19.9, Corban Benedict claimed 45th in 19:24.4 and Kaden Miller finished 46th in 19:27.8.

Also, Tucker Tague was 50th, Alexander McCafferty was 63rd, Bode Sardinha was 77th, Grath Garee was 89th, Rider Minnick was 91st, Nefiano Bumpus was 95th, Mateo Bumpus was 118th and Casey Conley was 156th.

Camberly Schade finished in third place with a time of 20:17.3 to highlight Highland’s performance in the 14-team girls’ race. Lauren Garber took 20th in 22:27.4, Jade Disbennett ran 31st in 23:11.7 and Mia White was 32nd in 23:15.6. Hayley Dayley claimed 71st in 25:20.9, while Shelby Conley placed 88th in 25:56.4 and Samantha Trusler took 92nd in 26:10.8.

Also, Madison Howard was 100th, Julia Pauley was 118th, Joanna Pauley was 136th, Abigail Jordan was 137th, Jana Van Dyke was 140th and Juli Ward was 152nd.

Cardington Pirates

Cardington’s boys took fourth at the Heath Invitational on Saturday, as they were paced by Mason White’s fourth-place finish. His time was 16:47.

Racine Hallabrin took 18th in 18:01, while Kaleb Meade finished 38th in 18:46. Mike Rose claimed 46th in 19:22 and Austin Henthorn ran 49th in 19:31. Devin Gheen picked up 71st in 20:53, while Ryan Clinger took 87th in 21:34.

Also, James Hallabrin was 117th and Bryce Moodispaugh was 131st.

In the girls’ race, where the Lady Pirates finished seventh, Loey Hallabrin took second in a time of 20:03.

Morgan White was 36th in 23:34 and Marlo Young took 47th in 24:18, while Hazel Jolliff placed 60th in 25:41 and Taylor Thompson finished 117th in 34:11.

Mount Gilead Indians

The Mount Gilead boys’ placed ninth at Centerville’s Saturday Night Lights meet in a 23-team race.

Ethan Supplee led the team by running 15th in 15:54.1, while Liam Dennis was 22nd in 16:01.1. Brett Shipman ran 52nd in 16:35.1, Michael Snopik took 152nd in 17:36.1 and Eric Mowery claimed 158th in 17:39.8. Also, Ethan Kemp took 203rd in 18:24.9 and Reed Supplee finished 219th in 18:44.7.

In the 27-team girls’ race, the Lady Indians placed 23rd.

Allison Johnson was MG’s top finisher, placing 13th in 18:17.6. Baylee Hack took 30th in 18:38.1 and Emily Hanft finished 141st in 20:41.4. Olivia Millisor placed 178th in 21:09.6, while Michaela McGill ran 206th in 21:35.9, Emily Randall was 252nd in 24:36.7 and Tatum Neal finished 253rd in 24:37.9.

By Rob Hamilton

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS