Mount Gilead swim team records tie in meet

The Barracudas traveled to Mansfield to swim against the Shelly Acres Sharks.

“Amazingly, the results we got back said we tied. This rarely happens in swimming simply due to the number of events and relays, but I guess we can be happy with that. We were missing several swimmers due to vacation, but the team did well and had fun cheering each other on. We have finally had a good stretch of nice weather, and it makes the days a lot better,” reported coach Dina Snow.

First place finishers in individual events were: Trinity Robinson, 25 free; Chloe Bolton, 25 free, 25 fly, 25 breast; Zane Grandstaff, 25 free; Cassandra Snopik, 100 IM, 50 breast; Eric Mowery,100 IM; Hawke Littell, 25 free, 25 fly; Danielle Pohlkotte,50 free; Jaxon Tinch, 50 free, 50 back; Luke Frazier,50 free, 50 breast; Michael Snopik, 50 free, 100 free; Adriana Tinch 50 fly; Tyler Knight, 50 fly; Keana Littell, 50 back; Nate Rabun, 50 back; Connor Robinson, 25 breast; Brice Haughn, 50 breast and Tatum Neal, 50 breast.

Scoring second place points in individual events were: Avery McClelland, 25 free; Connor Robinson, 25 free; Abigail Griffith, 25 free; Elias Bulkowski, 25 free; Shyla Pruden, 50 free; Brice Haughn, 50 free; Nate Rabun, 50 free; Knight, 50 free; Adylynn Brown, 25 back; Cleo Young, 25 back; Kayla Young, 25 back; Max Bulkowski, 25 back; Danielle Pohlkotte, 50 back; Cassandra Snopik, 50 back; Eric Mowery, 50 back; Abigail Griffith, 25 breast; Evan Irons, 25 breast; Kendall Neal, 50 breast; Carson Mowery, 50 breast; Wesley Bush, 50 breast; Sammie West, 50 breast and Adriana Tinch, 100 free.

Bringing home third place points were Sammie West, 100 IM; Adylynn Brown, Camryn Travis and Evan Irons, 25 free; Keana Littell, Wesley Bush, Taylor Robinson and Mason Kidwell, 50 free; McKenzie West, Abigail Griffith and Aaron Rabun, 25 back; Niles Bush, Tatum Neal, Hayden McClelland, Adriana Tinch, and William West, 50 back; Zane Grandstaff, Camryn Travis and Hawke Littell, 25 breast; Aydyn Newson and Logen Bailey, 50 breast and Eric Mowery, 100 free.

The following relay teams all scored first place: 9-10 boys medley (MaxBulkowski, Evan Irons, Hawke Littell and Elias Bulkowski); 11-12 boys medley (Jaxon Tinch, Brice Haughn, Carson Mowery and Niles Bush); 13-14 girls medley (Synteche Black, Kamry Grandstaff, Keana Littell and Tatum Neal); the 15-18 boys medley (Eric Mowery, Sammie West, Tyler Knight and Michael Snopik); the 8-under girls free relay (Avery McClelland, McKenzie West, Adylynn Brown and Trinity Robinson); the 8-under boys free relay (Zane Grandstaff, Cleo Young, Connor Robinson and Hudson Hand); the 9-10 girls free relay (Abigail Griffith, Kayla Young, Chloe Bolton and Camryn Travis); the 11-12 boys free (Jaxon Tinch, Niles Bush, Carson Mowery and Brice Haughn); the 13-14 girls free (Keana Littell, Tatum Neal, Synteche Black, and Jacquelynn Gibson); the 13-14 boys free (Luke Frazier, Nathan Rabun, Wesley Bush and Aydyn Newson) and the 15-18 boys free (Sammie West, Eric Mowery, Tyler Knight and Michael Snopik).

Second place relay points were earned by the 11-12 girls medley (Jacquelynn Gibson, Kendall Neal, Shyla Prudent and A’lesha White); the 15-18 girls medley (Taylor Robinson, Cassandra Snopik, Adriana Tinch and Michaela McGill); the 9-10 boys free (Marshall Hand, Jesse West, Evan Irons and Max Bulkowski); the 11-12 girls free (Shyla Pruden, Kendall Neal, Cassidy Irwin and Danielle Pohlkotte) and the 15-18 girls free (Taylor Robinson, Cassandra Snopik, Adriana Tinch and Skye Shipman).

The team had the weekend off, but will resume competition with the Bahama Mama Invitational on July 5, followed by a meet at Willard on July 6.

Information received from Dina Snow.

Information received from Dina Snow.