Cardington bowlers picking up wins

By Rob Hamilton

Cardington bowling split a match with River Valley on Nov. 30.

The girls won 1928-1627. Addie Wilhelm had a two-game series of 411 to lead the team. Also bowling both games were Morgan Lehner (358), Laynee Wilson (313) and Frankie Arnold (310). The boys lost by a 1999-1607 margin. Jakob Edgell led the team with 306 pins, while Tyler Kintz rolled 289 and Michael Rose scored 275.

On Nov. 27, the Lady Pirates defeated Fredericktown 1824-1475. Wilson had a two-game total of 374, while Addie Wilhelm rolled 347 and Lehner had a score of 312. The boys claimed a 1904-1514 win in the match, as Ryan Speck led the team with 393 pins. Kintz rolled 327 and Mike Blake tallied 275 pins.

Nov. 26 saw the teams take on Highland, where the girls won 1907-1724. Wilhelm rolled 371 to lead the team, while Wilson rolled 354, Arnold scored 320 and Lehner finished with 298 pins. Also winning were the boys by a 1958-1825 score. Speck rolled 374 to lead the team, while Kintz had a total of 351, Rose scored 315 and Eric Hamilton finished with 312 pins.

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