Cardington golfers second in KMAC meet

By Rob Hamilton

In the second KMAC golf meet, while at Apple Valley golf course on Thursday, Aug. 30, East Knox edged Cardington by one stroke to take first place.

The Bulldogs, who also boasted meet medalist Drew Salyers, who shot 70, finished with a score of 354. Cardington had 355 strokes, while Mount Gilead had 357, Centerburg totaled 367, Highland had 385 and Northmor finished with 394.

Cardington was led by Danny Vaught, who shot 86. Both Logan Doubikin and Jacob Spires finished with 88 strokes, while Cayman Spires shot 93, Josh Shook finished with a score of 96 and Christian Hand scored 100.

Mount Gilead had two golfers shoot 82 in Mitchell Bell and Mallory Graham. Zac Trimble finished with a round of 90, while Brad Landon shot 103. Also, Micah Tuggle scored 106 and Graham Simpson tallied 112 shots.

For Highland, Drew Santo shot 91 and Dillon Lehman followed with a round of 92. Owen Mott shot 100, Gunner Oakley scored 102, Bryce Rinehart tallied 103 shots and Noah Dado scored 107.

Northmor was led by Hayes Bentley, who shot 83. Ryan Bentley scored 88, while Izzy Szulewski had a round of 111 and Ethan Branch shot 112.

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