MG boys dominate at Pickerington

By Rob Hamilton

[email protected]

Mount Gilead’s boys cruised to another trophy at Saturday’s Pickerington Invitational, finishing first with 25 points. Second-place Pickerington Central had 96 in the 24-team race.

Brett Shipman won the race with a time of 16:53.84, while Liam Dennis was fourth in 17:02.72, Casey White took fifth in 17:05.58 and Ethan Supplee ran sixth in 17:11.56. Kyle White gave the team five runners in the top 10, as he was ninth in 17:30, while Trevor Ball took 47th in 18:41.31 and Brandon Stevens was 59th in 18:56.74.

Also, Eric Mowery was 63rd, Sy Shipman was 67th, Michael Snopik was 75th, Colson Chapman was 81st, Gavin Robinson was 110th, Connor Page was 142nd, Tyler Knight was 182nd, Ethan Kemp was 185th, Ryan Caudill was 194th, Phillip Emberg was 223rd, Aiden Honzo was 249th, Mason Kidwell was 273rd, Bradley Butcher was 286th, Wesley Bush was 319th and Ethan Honzo was 325th.

The Lady Indians finished second in their 27-team meet. Olentangy Berlin won with 102 points, while MG had 138.

Allison Johnson led the locals by running second in 19:25.7, while Baylee Hack was third in 19:34.5 and Olivia Millisor finished 11th in 20:57.66. Maddi Fitzpatrick claimed 55th in 22:45.26 and Emily Hanft took 69th in 23:09.66, while Selia Shipman finished 84th in 23:37.56 and Makayla Weaver ran 157th in 25:46.38.

Also, Jadyn Shipman was 203rd, Dakota Shipman was 262nd, Michaela McGill was 272nd, Emily Randall was 274th, Adriana Tinch was 275th, Skye Shipman was 323rd, Meaghan Clapper was 328th and Anna Marocco was 334th.

Colonel Crawford Inv.

Northmor placed second to Ashland in the 15-team boys’ race at the Colonel Crawford Invitational Saturday.

Gavvin Keen led the team by running eighth in 18:00.63, while Ryan Bentley claimed 13th in 18:25.37, Mostyn Evans was 15th in 18:32.17 and B.J. White placed 40th in 19:52.32. Chase Hoover ran 44th in 19:59.15, Alec Moore finished 46th in 20:01.81 and Kooper Keen took 48th in 20:06.43.

Also, Kyle Price was 52nd, Austin Amens was 57th, T.J. Diehl was 77th, Jack Sears was 80th, P.J. Lower was 108th, Kolton Hart was 114th, Zach Govoni was 119th, Austin Lewis was 131st, Josh Cramer was 134th, Anthony Bryant was 135th, Ethan Branch was 144th and Dylan Amens was 148th.

Cardington took fourth in the meet, as Mason White finished third in 17:09.02 and Racine Hallabrin claimed 10th in 18:02.31. Kaleb Meade finished 37th in 19:44.19, while Sam West was 60th in 20:43.07 and Gage Higgins took 63rd in 20:50.37, while James Hallabrin was 73rd in 21:18.19 and Devin Gheen ran 89th in 21:43.9.

Also, Mike Rose was 113th.

In the girls’ race, Northmor took fourth of 13 teams. Western Reserve won the race. The Knights were led by Julia Kanagy, who was 14th in 22:42.07. Sabrina Kelley finished 17th in 23:07.63 and Julianna Ditullio ran 25th in 23:38.99. Olivia Goodson placed 38th in 24:22.04, while Kristie Wright was 41st in 24:45.68, Carolyn McGaulley claimed 51st in 25:16.9 and Maddison Yaussy finished 70th in 26:43.75.

Also, Bailey Snyder took 97th.

Cardington didn’t have a full team. Marlo Young was 27th in 23:51.35, Bella Scurlock was 46th in 25:07.96 and Ashlee Drury took 114th in 37:36.58.

Newark Catholic Inv.

The Highland boys finished 12th of 21 team in Saturday’s Newark Catholic Invitational, while the girls were 13th in a 19-team race.

The boys were led by Dalton Lee, who was 19th in 17:49.2. Tucker Tague placed 76th in 19:32, while Bruce Jordan took 92nd in 19:48.9, Zach Wetzel ran 105th in 20:07 and Jordan Bellamy finished 121st in 20:38. Chandler Bumpus finished 131st in 21:10.1 and Rider Minnick was 148th in 22:00.8.

For the girls, Camberly Schade finished seventh in 20:48.6. Mia White took 44th in 23:01.6 and Elizabeth Jenson ran 61st in 23:50.2. Also, Joanna Pauley finished 124th in 26:47.3, Samantha Trusler took 126th in 27:01.2 and Morgan Wilhelm placed 129th in 27:36.3.

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