MG, Northmor girls win Saturday CC invitationals

By Rob Hamilton

Mount Gilead’s girls won at Saturday’s Pickerington Invitational, taking first place in a 28-team race.

Baylee Hack was second in 19:25, while Emily Hanft finished fourth in 19:54 and Allison Johnson ran sixth in 20:14. Olivia Millisor took 10th in 20:26, while Micah James placed 32nd in 21:40, Maddie Fitzpatrick took 36th in 21:45 and Selia Shipman was 98th in 23:06.

Also, Makayla Weaver was 167th, McKenzie Andrews took 174th, Jadyn Shipman finished 192nd, Emma Burchett was 280th, Emily Randall ran 290th, Zoie Barron finished 303rd, Dakota Shipman placed 335th and Kelly Baer was 394th.

The boys took second in the meet in a 27-team race. Casey White led the way by running fourth in 16:56, while Liam Dennis was right behind in fifth (16:57). Kyle White finished 27th in 17:48, Brett Shipman was 29th in 17:49 and Ethan Supplee finished 41st in 18:07. Trevor Ball was 73rd in 19:18 and Tyler Clark finished 108th in 19:18.

Also, Riley Conners was 131st, Gavin Robinson finished 156th, Isaac George placed 157th, Nathan Weaver ran 171st, Josh Sullivan was 176th, Connor Page ran 181st, Eric Mowery took 198th, Turner Fitzpatrick claimed 202nd, Brandon Stevens was 207th, Sy Shipman claimed 225th, Nathan Johnson was 231st and Tyler Knight placed 293rd.

Colonel Crawford Inv.

The Northmor girls won at Colonel Crawford on Saturday, taking top honors in a 10-team race.

Jessica Duryea was the individual champion for the Knights, winning the race in 20:37. Samantha Peters ran 10th in 21:08.32, while Brooke Bennett ran 14th in 21:50.71, Julianna Ditullio was 20th in 22:17.14 and Julia Kanagy took 21st in 22:20.72. Sabrina Kelley placed 25th in 22:39.81 and Kristie Wright finished 27th in 22:45.49.

Also, Olivia Goodson was 51st, Carolyn McGaulley placed 62nd, Francesa Cutrupi took 81st, Kenadie Hart was 90th, Tori Carver placed 105th and Vivienne Cutrupi finished 109th.

Cardington’s girls were eighth in the race. Alicia McElwee finished 31st in 23:23, while Sage Brannon placed 37th in 23:33 and Marlo Young was 46th in 23:55. Taylor Linkous ran 75th in 25:59, Maddie Brehm ran 82nd in 26:39 and Ashlee Drury was 111th in 33:36.

Northmor’s boys finished third in a 13-team race that was won by Colonel Crawford. Austin Amens was seventh in 17:25.4 to pace the Knights, while Gavin Keen took 13th in 17:44.95 and Ryan Bentley claimed 22nd in 18:31.03. B.J. White finished 25th in 18:41.46, Chase Hoover was 38th in 19:14.95, Kaleb Hart ran 42nd in 19:27.47 and Alec Moore took 43rd in 19:29.53.

Also, Manny Heilman was 62nd, Kyle Price ran 68th, Mostyn Evans placed 69th and Cooper Keen finished 70th, Kolton Hart was 81st, Sam Weaver took 106th, Zach Govoni was 108th and Austin Lewis took 112th.

For Cardington’s boys, who were ninth in the race, Mason White claimed 14th place in 17:45 and Racine Hallabrin claimed 26th in 18:43. Spencer Benson took 50th in 19:53, while Quinn Maceyko was 65th in 20:21 and Kaleb Meade finished 90th in 21:37. Sam West ran 121st in 24:16, while Devin Green claimed 122nd in 24:17.

Also, Andrew Schoppelrei finished 126th.

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