Results from Rod ‘N Tiques car show

By Evelyn Long

The 41st annual Morrow County Rod ‘N Tiques Car Show featured a total of 134 cars when the event took place Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17 at the Morrow County Fairgrounds. The two day event was sponsored by Joe Cook Subway. Games and contests accompanied the display of antique and rod automobiles with awards made in all of these categories.

The Memorial Trophy was won by JC with a 1978 Plymouth Duster and the Humane Society Trophy was awarded to Bill Glunt for his 1969 Chevy Ovarge truck.

Contest winners were: Guessing Game: Kids’ winner: first: Sour eggs with 304; Lily Garish with 389; Womens: Flower Petas: Janette Childers first with 425; and Mens Crackers, 805; Paul Gleisinger, with 749.

Hot Wheels race: first: Cohen Evans, second: Emerson Kelly and third: Mickaylah Curtis. Creeper Race: Kids: Cameron Streibel, winner; Adults: Bill Glunt, winner.

Balloon Toss: Doug and Carrie Foor, Car #!; Toilet Paper Toss: Kids 12 and under winner: Cadie Long and Adults: Cody Long; Blind Driver – Kids Sam Doucoure and Gage Walters; Adults: Doug and Carrie Foor; Fan Belt:

Lily Garish, Kids winner and Doug Mosley, adult winner.

The following trophies were awarded: Alan Heddrick, 1982 Suzuki; Gene Pitt, 1968 Ford F100; Steve Liscano, 1934 Ford Coupe; Brian Liscan, 1941 Ford Truck; Billy Kelly, 1971 Chevy C10; Frank Agriesh, 1967 Mercury Cougar; Sindy Kohler, 1941 Ford Convertible; Jon Crabtree, 1966 Ford Econoline; Kevin Long, 1947 Plymouth; Dave Crabtree, 1963 Ford Fairlane, Bill Long, 1965 Plymouth Sat;

Jacob Long, 1966 Plymouth Valiant; Dean Maisenbacher, 1947 Plymouth Special; Eric and Marcie Long, 1950 Plymouth P 19; Eric Pitt, 1935 Bugatti Roadster; Cohen Evans, 1968 Ford F100; Matt Wenger, 1960 Ford F100; Lee Miller, 1950 Ford Sedan; Mark Hamilton, 1971 Ford Sedan; Chuck Hart, 1948 Ford Sedan; Randy Fogle, 1937 Ford Pickup Buddy Salyer, 1956 Chevy Pickup; Dan and Gina Raley, 1964 Ford Wagon; Randy Burns, 1971 El Camino 454SS; Terry and Susan Weber, 1932 Chevy Sedan; John H. Massey III, 1932 Ford Coupe;

Bob Delaney, 1973 Chevy Nova; Mike Delaney, 1974 Chevy Nova; Chris Hook, 1974 Pontiac Ventura GTO; Thomas Brown, 1964 Rambler Classic; Dennis Smith, 1970 Plymouth Cuda, Fred Barlow, 1992 GMC Sierra; Dwayne Everly, 1955 Studebaker Commander; Mark and Angie Hagans, 1951 Packard Patrician; Edward Spears, 1989 Ford Mustang; David Paone, 1965 Dodge Dart; Gary and Cathy Stinchoffer, 1930 Ford “A” Hot Rod; Kathy Fogle, 1974 Volkswagen Bug and Joe Mason, 1972 GMC Sierra Grande.

By Evelyn Long

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