All-MOAC spring teams picked

By Rob Hamilton -

Olivia Brewer

Olivia Brewer

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Devin Pearl

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Kolton Smith

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Kelsey Walters

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

The Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference announced their all-league teams in spring sports, with Morrow County athletes holding many of the spots.

For softball, Alyson Adams and Brooklyn Whitt of Cardington were named to the first team, as were Cristianna Boggs and Lydia Farley of Northmor. Also on the first team were Kelsey Walters of Highland and Mckenzie Bump of Mount Gilead.

In baseball, both Mack Anglin and Tate Tobin of Highland made the first team, as did Devin Pearl of Cardington and Wyatt Reeder of Northmor. In boys’ and girls’ track, league honors were determined by placement in the league meet. Both relay and individual champions were named to the first team.

For the boys, Nicholas Weiss, Brandon Stevens, Austin Hallabrin, Jonah Barnett, Drake McCallen, Dustin Fraizer and Liam Dennis were all first-team honorees. Kolton Smith, James Walker, Tony Martinez and Demetrius Johnson were first-team picks from Northmor.

In girls’ track, Mount Gilead was also well-represented with Micah James, Hannah Bush, Baylee Hack, Darcy Picker, Olivia Brewer, Jessica Brewer, Bridgette Millisor, Corrin Watts, Addison Chapman and Savannah Randall all making the first team. Brooke Bennett, Maddie Jordan, Julianna Ditullio, Rachel Morrison and Hope Miracle of Northmor also were first-team picks; as were Lilly Grooms, Sage Brannon and Nadia Kerman of Cardington.

The league also handed out its awards for Athlete and Coach of the Year. In baseball, Randy Baugher of East Knox was tabbed as the Coach of the Year, while Cade Finnell, also of East Knox, earned the Athlete of the Year award. In boys’ track, Lauren Huelsman and Austin Hallabrin, both of Mount Gilead, earned the coach and athlete awards, respectively.

Colin Hansen of Cardington was honored as the league’s Coach of the Year for girls’ track, while Mount Gilead’s Olivia Brewer was the Athlete of the Year. Cardington got both awards for softball, with Tod Brininger getting the coach’s award and Alyson Adams, the player’s.


First Team: Alyson Adams, Cardington; Cristianna Boggs, Northmor; Mckenzie Bump, Mount Gilead; Lydia Farley, Northmor; Cass Frazier, Fredericktown; Lyndsey Gallwitz, East Knox; Rachel Kennedy, Fredericktown; Ashley Roth, Elgin; Noa Sesma, Centerburg; Kelsey Walters, Highland; Brooklyn Whitt, Cardington.

Second Team: Baylee Adams, Cardington; Kass Farson, Fredericktown; Makenna McClure, Cardington; Bekah Muselin, Elgin; Bridget Oder, Highland; Lauren Partington, Fredericktown; Rylie Partlow, Cardington; Makenzee Runda, Elgin; Lily Tate, Northmor; Darby Totten, East Knox; Morgan Wilhelm, Highland.

Honorable Mention: Aly Blunk, Northmor; Chylece Cluck, Fredericktown; Hailey Dean, Mount Gilead; Kierson George, Cardington; Alexis McKee, East Knox; Meegan Pinyerd, Centerburg; Kiersten Rentschler, Elgin; Mattie Ruehrmund, Highland.


First Team: Trace Hatfield, Fredericktown; Leighton Cunningham, Fredericktown; Devin Pearl, Cardington; Jackson Goultier, Centerburg; Trey Purdy, Centerburg; J.J. Davis, Centerburg; Wyatt Reeder, Northmor; Dom Spadaro, East Knox; Caleb Gallwitz, East Knox; Cade Finnell, East Knox; Brock Stoner, Elgin; Mack Anglin, Highland; Tate Tobin, Highland.

Second Team: Alex Coder, Mount Gilead; Nate Hall, Northmor; Matty Reid, Highland; Jacob Rings, Centerburg; Syler Dyer, Elgin; Garrett Wagner, Cardington; Michael Collins, Centerburg; Nick Cunningham, Fredericktown; Clem Cunningham, Fredericktown; Cole Bebout, Fredericktown; Lane Ballard, Highland; Jordan Rademacher, East Knox; Kaiden Lester, East Knox.

Honorable Mention: Brady Williams, Fredericktown; Brenden Christy, Centerburg; Ethan Beckett, East Knox; Jordan Brown, Elgin; Daniel Kill, Cardington; Tyler Bland, Mount Gilead; Mostyn Evans, Northmor; Sam LoPiccolo, Highland.

Boys’ Track First Team

Nicholas Weiss, Mount Gilead; Brandon Stevens, Mount Gilead; Casey White, Mount Gilead; Austin Hallabrin, Mount Gilead; Kolton Smith, Northmor; Jonah Barnett, Mount Gilead; Drake McCallen, Mount Gilead; Dustin Fraizer, Mount Gilead; Seth Belt, Centerburg; Tyler Boales, Centerburg; Sterling Armstrong, Centerburg; Gabe Coffing, Centerburg; James Walker, Northmor; Liam Dennis, Mount Gilead; Jared Darr, East Knox; Tony Martinez, Northmor; Demetrius Johnson, Northmor; Dillon Lanthorn, Centerburg; Jake Gibson, East Knox.

Girls Track First Team

Micah James, Mount Gilead; Hannah Bush, Mount Gilead; Baylee Hack, Mount Gilead; Darcy Picker, Mount Gilead; Sidney Fields, Centerburg; Olivia Brewer, Mount Gilead; Jessica Brewer, Mount Gilead; Bridgette Millisor, Mount Gilead; Corrin Watts, Mount Gilead; Addison Chapman, Mount Gilead; Brooke Bennett, Northmor; Lilly Grooms, Cardington; Emily Schworm, East Knox; Maddie Jordan, Northmor; Julianna Ditullio, Northmor; Rachel Morrison, Northmor; Kyra Adkins, Fredericktown; Hope Miracle, Northmor; Sage Brannon, Cardington; Savannah Randall, Mount Gilead; Nadia Kerman, Cardington.

Olivia Brewer Brewer Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Devin Pearl Pearl Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Kolton Smith Smith Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Kelsey Walters Walters Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

By Rob Hamilton

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS