Bowling: Cardington, Highland split Tuesday match

By Rob Hamilton

[email protected]

Cardington and Highland split a Tuesday bowling match, with the Pirates winning the girls’ match and the Scots claiming the boys’.

Cardington won the girls’ match 1909-1767. Addie Wilhelm rolled games for 246 and 224 to finish with a 470 series to lead the Pirates. Gabreaelle Arnold had a 168 game, while both Makenzie Blake and Laynee Wilson rolled games of 167.

For the Scots, Hailey Howard led the team by rolling a 319 series. Halie O’Leary had the team’s high game of 174, while Grace Rowe (161) and Autumn Burson (160) also had notable scores.

Highland finished with 2224 pins in the boys’ match, while Cardington had 1908. Dana Hicks led the Scots with 420 total pins in his series. Both Hicks and Brennen McLaughlin had games of 212. Jordan Grizzle rolled two 188 games, while Joey Adkins had games of 178 and 169 and Wade Adkins had a 189 showing.

The Pirates were led by Austin Edgell’s 431 series, which included a 229 game. Blake Clapham had a 202 performance, while Matt Craig had a 175 game and Adian Streich added one of 174.

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