MOAC hands out awards for fall athletes

By Rob Hamilton - [email protected]

Ashton Terrill

Ashton Terrill

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Austin Hallabrin

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Austin Yake

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Jessica Duryea (r) and Samantha Peters

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Jonah Barnett

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Local athletes were well-represented when the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference announced its all-conference teams for the Blue Division.

In football, five Highland Scots were named to the offensive first team, as Chase Carpenter, Colton Liszkai, Javier Vasquez, Jared Limings and Satchel Denton were recognized. Also on the first team were Danny Williamson and Jonah Barnett from Mount Gilead and Luke McCarrell of Highland.

Named to the first-team defense were Austyn Albanese, Matt Reid and Zach Baker of Highland, as well MG’s Tyler Bland. The Scots also had two girls named to the volleyball first team in Taylor Belcher and Ashton Terrill. Anna Donner of Northmor and Jordan Deskins of Cardington also were picked.

In cross country, all-league teams are determined by placement in the league meet. For the girls, Kristen Duryea, Jessica Duryea and Samantha Peters of Northmor all were named to the first team, as was Baylee Hack of Mount GIlead.

The Indians dominated the first team for boys’ cross county, with Austin Hallabrin, Casey White, Liam Dennis and Nick Weiss all being named, along with Highland’s Branton Howard.

In golf, Hayes Bentley of Northmor, Zack Hosack of Mount Gilead and Austin Yake of Cardington were all picked to the first team.

Highland’s Vinny Wiley was named to the first team in boys’ soccer.


First Team Offense: Chase Carpenter, Highland; Jake Gibson, East Knox; C.J. Hardin, Centerburg; Colton Liszkai, Highland; Javier Vasquez, Highland; Danny Williamson, Mount Gilead; Sterling Armstrong, Centerburg; Jonah Barnett, Mount Gilead; Gunner Gregory, Centerburg; Jared Limings, Highland; Luke McCarrell, Cardington; Jacob Rings, Centerburg; Satchel Denton, Highland.

First Team Defense: Austyn Albanese, Highland; Ethan Beckett, East Knox; Tyler Bland, Mount Gilead; Matt Reid, Highland; Sam Backiewicz, Braden Morey, Fredericktown; Zach Baker, Highland; Wade Duston, East Knox; C.J. Hardin, Centerburg; Trey Purdy, Centerburg.

Second Team Offense: Troy Messmer, Highland; Mason Mollohan, Mount Gilead; John LeChard, Centerburg; Mark LeChard, Centerburg; Anthony Caputo, Fredericktown; Devin Pearl, Cardington; Pistol Haralson, East Knox; Demetrius Johnson, Northmor; Kasson Krownapple, East Knox; Danyal Minton, Elgin; Max Schreiber, Highland.

Second Team Defense: Michael Collins, Centerburg; Cole Grace, Mount Gilead; Daniel Kill, Cardington; Dylan Tuggle, Highland; Logan Veley, Highland; William Parsley, Highland; Matthew Ross, Northmor; Jordan Brown, Elgin; Nate Craig, Cardington; Kadden Lester, East Knox; Drake Pence, East Knox; Danyal Minton, Elgin.

Honorable Mention: Tyler Villella, Cardington; Jesse Johnson, Centerburg; Ryan King, East Knox; Mitchell Embaugh, Elgin; Cole Bebout, Fredericktown; Brock Veley, Highland; Anthony Clark, Mount Gilead; Conan Becker, Northmor.


First Team: Taylor Belcher, Highland; Jordan Deskins, Cardington; Anna Donner, Northmor; Cassidy Frazier, Fredericktown; Renee Lemke, Centerburg; Ashton Terrill, Highland; Josi Wolf, Elgin; Alaina Wright, Centerburg.

Second Team: Kelsey Boeshart, Fredericktown; Olivia Brewer, Mount Gilead; Hannah Ervin, Centerburg; Emily Garber, Centerburg; Bridget Oder, Highland; Rylie Partlow, Cardington; Raina Terry, Highland; Jordyn Zoll, Northmor.

Honorable Mention: Meredith Cocherl, Elgin; Matter Forshey, East Knox; Savannah Glasscock, Centerburg; Marissa Hall, Cardington; Kora James, Mount Gilead; Hannah Vaughn, Fredericktown; Kelsey Walters, Highland; Lindsey Wiseman, Northmor.

Girls’ Cross Country

First Team: Emilie Schworm, East Knox; Sarah Thatcher, Centerburg; Baylee Hack, Mount Gilead; Kristen Duryea, Northmor; Jessica Duryea, Northmor; Samantha Peters, Northmor; Rachel Tumbleson, Fredericktown.

Second Team: Darcy Picker, Mount Gilead; Nichole Groseclose, Fredericktown; Hannah Bush, Mount Gilead; Miranda Baker, Fredericktown; Maddie Jordan, Northmor; Julianna Ditullio, Northmor; Molly Linhares, Fredericktown.

Honorable Mention: Sophia Thompson, Highland; Maria Lee, Northmor; Ashlyn Shrimplin, Fredericktown; Elise Tucker, Centerburg; Courtney Melick, Centerburg; Laura Spearman, Highland; Emily Cobb, Fredericktown.

Boys’ Cross Country

First Team: Austin Hallabrin, Mount Gilead; Wyat Harmon, Fredericktown; Casey White, Mount Gilead; Paden Spencer, Fredericktown; Liam Dennis, Mount Gilead; Nick Weiss, Mount Gilead; Branton Howard, Highland.

Second Team: Dalton Lee, Highland; Jacob Poling, Elgin; A.J. White, Northmor; Connor Riley, Fredericktown; Nolan Green, Fredericktown; Trevor Ball, Mount Gilead; James Walker, Northmor.

Honorable Mention: Kyle White, Mount Gilead; Mostyn Evans, Northmor; Ryan Bentley, Northmor; Collin Kipp, Highland; Jack Stalnaker, Fredericktown; Bradley Wolford, Fredericktown; B.J. White, Northmor.


First Team: Hayes Bentley, Northmor; Zack Hosack, Mount Gilead; Brandon Main, Fredericktown; Brady Rowe, Centerburg; Austin Yake, Cardington.

Second Team: Mitchell Bell, Mount Gilead; Jason Bolha, Mount Gilead; Caleb Dodds, Highland; Hunter Hulse, Highland; Sam Lopiccolo, Highland.

Honorable Mention: Nick Cunningham, Fredericktown; Grant Hack, Mount Gilead; Ethen Hibner, Centerburg; Nadia Kerman, Cardington; Ben Porter, Centerburg.

Boys’ Soccer

First Team: Griffin Whims, East Knox; Vinny Wiley, Highland; Manual Acuna, River Valley; Cameron Androw, Jonathan Alder; Keaton Krehlik, Pleasant; Alex Moore, Jonathan Alder; Bennan Perrine, Buckeye Valley; Anthony Seliskar, Buckeye Valley; Riley Thomas, Jonathan Alder; Logan Thompson, Pleasant; Steven Thompson, Galion; Savion Tyler, Marion Harding.

Second Team: Jordan Brooks, East Knox; Nathan Chwalk, Buckeye Valley; Daniel Ciuca, Jonathan Alder; Bill Daily, Buckeye Valley; Gizzy Decker, Pleasant; Peyton Ernst, Jonathan Alder; Caleb King, Buckeye Valley; Braeden McGough, Jonathan Alder; Logan Pirnstill, Marion Harding; Nick Salzler, Jonathan Alder; Matt Sparks, Galion; Matthew Stars, River Valley.

Honorable Mention: Zach Rogers, Highland; Jack Waugh, East Knox; Lucas Connor, Galion; Collin Kovacs, Jonathan Alder; Zach Mitchell, River Valley; Aspen Schneller, Buckeye Valley; Arin Slone, Pleasant; Daniel Stimson, Marion Harding.

Girls’ Soccer

First Team: Chloe Aquino, Buckeye Valley; Sarah Castle, River Valley; Hannah Cowan, Buckeye Valley; Hanna Fenstermaker, Buckeye Valley; Riley Gruenbaum, Jonathan Alder; Hannah Headlee, Jonathan Alder; Lily Hess, Jonathan Alder; Jillian Hon, Buckeye Valley; Selina Seliskar, Buckeye Valley; Michaela Thomas, Pleasant; Sophia Thomas, Jonathan Alder; Brynn Williams, Marion Harding.

Second Team: Madison Ward, Highland; Anna Cox, Buckeye Valley; Gabbie Durbin, Buckeye Valley; Morgan Icenhour, Pleasant; Lindsey Miller, Jonathan Alder; Olivia Moodley, Marion Harding; Catie Pelfrey, Pleasant; Maggie Rider, Jonathan Alder; Isabel Rodela, Jonathan Alder; Natalie Rodriguez, Galion; Elise Schneller, Buckeye Valley; Nora Squires, Jonathan Alder; Hannah Westler, River Valley.

Honorable Mention: Brittany Ware, Highland; Allison DeNero, Galion; Anna Hopkins, River Valley; Mallory Owens, Pleasant; Marlena Stimson, Marion Harding; Madison Welch, Jonathan Alder; Kennedy Wirth, Buckeye Valley.

Ashton Terrill Terrill Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Austin Hallabrin Hallabrin Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Austin Yake Yake Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Jessica Duryea (r) and Samantha Peters Duryea (r) and Samantha Peters Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Jonah Barnett Barnett Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

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Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS