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Darcy Picker

Darcy Picker

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Conner Ulrey

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Brooklyn Whitt

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Demetrius Johnson

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

When the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference announced its all-league teams for spring sports, a number of local athletes received first-team mentions.

In baseball, Lane Ballard, Max Schreiber and Conner Ulrey were picked to the first team from Highland. They were joined by Noah Arrington of Mount Gilead, Jake Farley of Northmor and Devin Pearl of Cardington.

Samantha Brininger, Savannah Chalfant and Brooklyn Whitt all were first-team softball picks from Cardington, along with Bridget Oder and Parker Steck of Highland and Lily Tate of Northmor.

For track, the All-MOAC teams were picked based on the league meet, with first-place finishers being picked to the first team. In boys’ track, Kyle Ciballi, Austin Hallabrin, Nicholas Weiss, Casey White, Sawyer Shipman, Deondre Cook, Jonah Barnett, Dustin Fraizer, and Brandon Stevens all were first-team picks from Mount Gilead. Also, Demetrius Johnson, James Walker and Josh Caudill were named from Northmor.

A large number of Indians were also first-team picks in girls’ track. Named were Micah James, Hannah Bush, Jenna Shipman, Darcy Picker, Olivia Brewer, Makaylee Elkin, Addison Chapman, Savannah Randall, Corrin Watts and Erin Zmuda. Also, Maria Lee and Karalee Patterson of Northmor and Nadia Kerman of Cardington received first-team honors.

Following are all the Blue Division’s athletes and coaches of the year for the 2015-16 school year.

Baseball: Athlete, Trace Hatfield, Fredericktown; Coach, Donnie Kline, Highland.

Boys’ Basketball: Athlete, Kirk Manns, Fredericktown; Coach, Andy Cauley, Centerburg.

Boys’ Bowling: Athlete, Jacob Long, Cardington; Coach, Bill Long, Cardington.

Boys’ Cross Country: Athlete, Austin Hallabrin, Mount Gilead; Coach, Bob Geiger, Fredericktown.

Boys’ Golf: Athlete, Zach Hosack, Mount Gilead; Coach, Mike Barron, Mount Gilead.

Boys’ Swimming: Athlete, Sam Rigdon, Galion; Coach, Ted Temple, Galion.

Boys’ Track: Athlete, Demetrius Johnson, Northmor; Coach, Kevin Ruhl, Northmor.

Football: Athlete, Deondre Cook, Mount Gilead; Coach, Jerry Williams, Cardington.

Girls’ Basketball: Athlete, Sage Brannon, Cardington; Coach, Jamie Edwards, Cardington.

Girls’ Bowling: Athlete, Mischelle McCoy, Mount Gilead; Coach, Chuck Young, Fredericktown.

Girls’ Cross Country: Athlete, Sarah Thatcher, Centerburg; Coach, Bob Geiger, Fredericktown.

Girls’ Swimming: Athlete, Linsie Zhang, Pleasant; Coach, Ryan Kelly, Pleasant.

Girls’ Track: Athlete, Jenna Shipman, Mount Gilead; Coach, Lauren Rausch, Mount Gilead.

Softball: Athlete, Sam Brininger, Cardington; Coach, Tod Brininger, Cardington.

Volleyball: Athlete, Ashton Terrill, Highland; Coach, Rob Terrill, Highland.

Wrestling: Athlete, Conan Becker, Northmor; Coach, Scott Carr, Northmor.

Following are the Blue Division all-conference teams in baseball and softball, and first-team representatives in boys’ and girls’ track.


First Team: Noah Arrington, Mount Gilead; Lane Ballard, Highland; Ethan Beckett, East Knox; Jake Farley, Northmor; Trace Hatfield, Fredericktown; Devin Pearl, Cardington; Trey Purdy, Centerburg; Jacob Rings, Centerburg; Max Schreiber, Highland; Austin Spicer, Elgin; Conner Ulrey, Highland.

Second Team: Cole Bebout, Fredericktown; Michael Collins, Centerburg; Tyler Conners, Mount Gilead; Clem Cunningham, Fredericktown; Wyatt Gresh, Highland; Johnny Levings, Cardington; Gunnar Lilly, Northmor; Kirk Manns, Fredericktown; Devin Spadaro, East Knox; Andrew Stillwell, Highland; Brock Stoner, Elgin.

Honorable Mention: Tyler Bland, Mount Gilead; Leighton Cunningham, Fredericktown; Brendon Goodwin, Elgin; Zach Hill, East Knox; Kyle Kegley, Northmor; Neal Simmons, Centerburg; Garrett Wagner, Cardington; Alex Wright, Highland.


First Team: Samantha Brininger, Cardington; Savannah Chalfant, Cardington; Rachel Kennedy, Fredericktown; Bridget Oder, Highland; Lauren Partington, Fredericktown; Rowen Rine, East Knox; Ashley Roth, Elgin; Parker Steck, Highland; Lily Tate, Northmor; Darby Totten, East Knox; Brooklyn Whitt, Cardington.

Second Team: Alyson Adams, Cardington; Macee Bartok, East Knox; Cristianna Boggs, Northmor; Kaitlyn Carney, Highland; Lydia Farley, Northmor; Cassidy Frazier, Fredericktown; Makenna McClure, Cardington; Alexis McKee, East Knox; Ashlee Montalvo, Fredericktown; Rylie Partlow, Cardington; Samantha Smith, Elgin.

Honorable Mention: McKenzie Altizer, Centerburg; Madison Bell, Mount Gilead; Karlee Carroll, Northmor; Chylece Cluck, Fredericktown; Katie Coffee, Highland; Dakota Crum, Cardington; Lyndsey Gallwitz, East Knox; Alyssa Rankin, Elgin.

First Team Boys’ Track

Kyle Ciballi, Mount Gilead; Austin Hallabrin, Mount Gilead; Nicholas Weiss, Mount Gilead; Casey White, Mount Gilead; Sawyer Shipman, Mount Gilead; Mason Mead, Centerburg; Deondre Cook, Mount Gilead; Jonah Barnett, Mount Gilead; Dustin Fraizer, Mount Gilead; Brandon Stevens, Mount Gilead; James Walker, Northmor; Demetrius Johnson, Northmor; Keaton Snow, Fredericktown; Dillon Lanthorn, Centerburg; Josh Caudill, Northmor.

First Team Girls’ Track

Micah James, Mount Gilead; Hannah Bush, Mount Gilead; Jenna Shipman, Mount Gilead; Darcy Picker, Mount Gilead; Roni Nichols, East Knox; Olivia Brewer, Mount Gilead; Makaylee Elkin, Mount Gilead; Addison Chapman, Mount Gilead; Savannah Randall, Mount Gilead; Maria Lee, Northmor; Corrin Watts, Mount Gilead; Sara Thatcher, Centerburg; Erin Zmuda, Mount Gilead; Kyra Adkins, Fredericktown; Karalee Patterson, Northmor; Nadia Kerman, Cardington.

Darcy Picker Picker Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Conner Ulrey Ulrey Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Brooklyn Whitt Whitt Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

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