Good sportsmanship at cross country match

To all cross country fans:

Congratulations to all the cross country teams from Morrow County at the Galion race. Teams from all four schools were among the four thousand young gentlemen and ladies that were running. Schools from all over the state of Ohio were there. We have to be very proud of our county’s young people.

I was there about five hours, walking among all the tents the kids had put up, and never saw anything but good sportsmanship. There were two girls from different schools that were holding hands coming to the finish line, jut to help the other one along. I doubt that they knew each other before the race, but that’s what these kids do. Help each other and cheer for all the others, regardless of what team they are on.

The Galion race is at least one of the largest races of the year and a very nice place to watch the kids. My great grandson ran for Mt. Gilead. Congratulations to him and all the teams and coaches.

Mary Robinson, Mt. Gilead