By Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long Contributing columnist

Evelyn Long Contributing columnist

This column usually reviews a subject from the past, an area of interest that I relish.

However, this week is different because my 90th birthday was Friday, July 8, I want to use this column to thank those who have helped make my writing a pleasure.

This includes the author of last week’s interview of me- I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Rhonda and had no idea where the interview would wind up.

It was a thorough piece but I want to clarify a few things. My maiden name is “Fricke.” In addition to two sons, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren, I have a five year old great granddaughter!

Two photo corrections – the photo of me at my favorite instrument, the piano, was of Wm Dowler, directing a Cardington Community operetta. Mr. Dowler, of Marion, was the Cardington vocal teacher at that time. The photo of Willis and I “cutting the rug” was at a Cardington -Lincoln High School alumni party- although we were p;lenty active with the American Legion, too.

Rhonda had a way of extracting informatioin from me that is commendable.

I have covered events for the Morrow County Sentinel in Morrow County for 42 years and thank each of those groups for allowing me to promote their activity. These include the Morrow County Senior Fair, the Morrow County Junior Fair, Farm Days, the Hospice program, Morrow County Historical Society, Gleaners and others. Locally, i have been so privileged to promote and cover the village council, the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education,

Jenkins-Vaughan Post 97 of the American Legion, Jenkins-Vaughan Auxiliary Unit 97, Squadron 97 of the Sons of the American Legion;, the Cardington Rotary Club, Friends of Cardington, the Cardignton-Lincoln Library and an organization close to my heart, the Cardington-Lincoln High School Alumni Association. I have also been pleased to publicize many of the local church events – we have a very active community, a part of an always active county striving to improve the lives of its citizens. I apologize if I missed a group

I don’t know how long my association will continue but I hope I am allowed to publicize all of these groups and still continue to bring memories through this column.

I thank you again, Rhonda, and all of those who so graciously commented on her column.

Looking back: July, 1942: Due to the war, Mills Feed and Seed Store was required to reduce the mileage of its delivery trucks by 25 percent, to con-serve rubber tires.

July, 1952: Former Cardington mayor, Paul Richeson was named Cardington Township Justice of the Peace; Holly wood comedian Bob Hope, his wife and children spent a week at the Pines Motel on U. S. 42 between Williams-port and Johnsville. While here, Hope bought a new car from a Mt Gilead dealer.

July, 1972: A bald Eagle killed a lamb on the Fred Trefz farm on State Route 746, south of Morrow County Road 25.

Evelyn Long Contributing columnist Long Contributing columnist

By Evelyn Long