Your view

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article regarding the possibility that folks may be regaining a sense of the Sanctity of Life and despite everyone saying you should not be a ONE Issue person, I am one, and that issue is Abortion, because as I see it, everything else such as taxes, medicare, immigration and others can be fixed, but you can’t fix a Dead Baby.

Many people believe that the Supreme Court is infallible and anything it does is in stone. I keep harking back to the Dred Scott decision of 1859, where the SC said basically the same thing about black folks as Roe v Wade now says about Fetuses. They are a non entity and therefore have no rights. It took a hundred years for them to correct that mistake. Hopefully it won’t take them a hundred years to correct this horrendous mistake. Our forefathers had the insight to say that every American (and they did not distinguish, between born and unborn American) had the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Why do folks not see the similarities and stop the murdering of these unborn? I know I am Jurassic but, I don’t believe I am I wrong.

Thank you,

Darl Mills

Mt. Gilead