Cultural Revolution finds its way to Univ. of Missouri

By Bill Wilson

There are numerous lessons to be learned from the confrontational protests by black football players to boycott future games at the University of Missouri this week that have culminated in resignation of the school’s president and chancellor. And, while it is unlikely at best the legacy media will report, let alone even see, what truly happened, it is vital the American public study the events.

First, in a truly sweet taste of just desserts, the white liberal academic establishment got beaten by the very politically correct thought police they have unleashed on America. Good. It is about time the self-important, arrogant thugs of the Ivory Tower industrial complex get a taste of the brutish, anti-intellectualism they have created. May they get many more in what is rapidly resembling a replay of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. All we need is to have the femi-Nazis and the rich black kids pretending to be oppressed walking around with Barack’s little red book. I’m sure that will be next.

Second, the open hostility to liberty, constitutional rights and simple civic discourse would be shocking if it had not become such a norm. The scenes of a reporter being bullied, threatened and physically assaulted by the mob at the university while he simply tried to do his job seems to belong to some third world dictatorship, not the heartland of America. But perhaps that is the lesson; that the left is working overtime to turn the U.S. into just such a hell-hole dictatorship.

Third, since when do so-called “student athletes” become political tools? Many if not most of the school’s football team attend the university on scholarships. They are there to entertain the students and to make money for the university and maybe get an education for themselves. If they decide that their politics are more important, fine. But they should lose the scholarships and either pay their own tuition or vacate the school. The coddling of these spoiled babies will only encourage more such temper tantrums.

And finally, an important lesson is that public universities have become rat’s nests of radical Marxists who act in the most odious ways possible, yelling for strong-arm thugs to shut down the exercise of First Amendment freedoms. And, they are doing it with taxpayer money.

Assistant Professor in Mass Communications Melissa Click’s inciting the mob against an Asian reporter demanding that she get some “muscle over here” to deal with the student press is an insult to every taxpayer in Missouri who are forced to pay her salary. She should be immediately terminated and barred from contact with anyone younger than 25 years old. Anyone that writes academic papers on the import of Lady Gaga is suspect to begin with; but when they lapse into open assaults on free speech, it is time to purge them from the public square.

This is the sad state of higher education in America. Hopefully the Missouri General Assembly will take a long, hard look at the University’s funding and cut it back — severely. If football players or coaches want to play politics, let them go do it but not with one red cent of tax money. If weak, leftist professors and administrators want to conduct a morality play based on Stalin’s purges, that is their business but not on public property or with public resources.

The General Assembly needs to act quickly before the next attack is launched. By ridding Missouri of the rot and cultural Marxist disease now, the General Assembly will be doing a great service to the entire country and set a shining example of exactly how the thugs and vandals should be treated.


Bill Wilson is a member of the Board of Directors of Americans for Limited Government.

By Bill Wilson