Some Cardington School memories

Reflections - By Evelyn Long

A newspaper account from May 1947 describes a new school song introduced at the closing assembly of Cardington High School.

This song, both words and music, was written by two members of the Cardington School faculty and two seniors. The words were written by Principal T. A. Gantz with music by Ruth Alma Mosher, Forrest Skinner, Charles Jackson and Gantz.

The words were as follows: “A song is on the air- Cardington, you hear it everywhere – Cardington; It sounds along the valley, it rings across the night – It speaks of love and friendship of honor and right, And when you hear its challenge our hearts as one reply, we’re ever true to thee, Cardington.”

Looking back to December 1963, the school newspaper, the Searchlight, has several interesting holiday stories. The Christmas assembly was set to be performed and included Anna Graham singing a solo “O Holy Night,” and a one act play, “The Dust of the Road” was being performed by Glenn Sanderlin, Carolyn Heacock, Stanley Heacock and Carl Pecko.

On other topics, Carolyn Heaock and Margo Lamson were winners of the county Prince of Peace contest.

Several students were to attend a notice speech tournament at Marysville.

They were Carl Pecko, Janice Maxwell, Janet Maxwell, Susan Jenkins, Susan Crum and Judy Lamson.

Members of the Cardington FHA had attended the Miss New member pageant in River Valley where Penny Russell was named “Miss Congeniality.”

Looking back to past Decembers: 1942: “A captured German mortar belonging to the Rex D. Jenkins American Legion Post was donated for the recent scrap drive. It weighed 1200 pounds.”

Cardington, Edison and Fulton schools would dismiss classes on December 22 and return on the 28th. The students would attend classes on New Year’s Day.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt nominated and the U S Senate confirmed Paul D. Fleming as Cardington Postmaster.

December 1962: Airman Second Class James M. Patterson of Cardington was assigned to George Air Force Base in California.


By Evelyn Long