ReflectionsHave we had over head visitors?

By Evelyn Long - Contributing columnist

Glancing through newspapers from the past- the more distant past, there are short stories on the sightings of strange objects up there in the sky – yes, right here in Morrow County. They were called UFO’s – or Unidentified Flying Objects. These were reported to the Morrow County Sheriff’s Department in the years after World War II. The reports were documented in the county newspapers.

July 4, 1947: A Marion couple traveling home through Iberia on US Route 30 South, now known as State Route 309, observed a UFO late this evening.

October 2, 1952: A teenage boy witnessed a UFO hovering above Mount Gilead while walking home on North Cherry Street at 9 p.m.

July 15, 1966: 16 people reported sighting a flying saucer in the skies over Johnsville after dark.

March 19, 1968: Four Morrow County Deputy Sheriffs on patrol early this morning, observed an unidentified flying object.

October 5, 1973: Three unidentified flying objects were reported over West Point at 8:30 p.m. A dozen people watched as the disk shaped crafts with blinking lights hovered overhead for several minutes before flying off in different directions.

December 23, 1992: Two Lincoln Township women observed a UFO hovering over a field next to their home.

No reports since 1992. We draw our own conclusions, I guess.

LOOKING BACK: 70 years ago: September, 1952: A total of 60 people participated in the very first airplane tour of Morrow County Farms. The flight length was 50 miles.

Robert Riggs, Cardington High School sophomore, was diagnosed with polio. He was taken to Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

Cardington, Morrow County’s largest school district, had an opening day enrollment of 742 students, three more than in 1951 total. The fifth grade, with 79 students, was the largest class in the school system.

Louis Levering, formerly associated with the late Walter Hickson, announced that he was now in the heating business on Gilead Street in Cardington.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing columnist