By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

I know its a strange title, nothing historical as I so often write about but this tree has been like a dear friend for over 42 years. It is framed perfectly in my window as it stands in my front yard.

It was spring of 1980 when we made our annual visit to the American Legion Park in Cardington to make purchases from the Cardington Garden Club who had a stand in the park every year from where they sold flowers and trees.

We picked out a small Flowering Dogwood tree and planted it in the south yard of our home. It was a small tree but was thriving on June 13, 1981 when the tornado raced through town, destroying everything in its path including the last huge Maple tree in the tree lawn of our property. This tree was one of many that lined South Marion Street from the late 1800’s. That tree went down right on top of the little Dogwood tree. I was saddened, it was only there a year.

Lo and behold, while cleaning up the fallen Maple, the little Dogwood was standing upright! It continued to grow with its pink blooms and just a year later, it withstood another test when my neighbor pulled into his drive in his truck and ran into his home for an errand leaving his truck running – and it slipped out of gear and I watched it head directly across the drive aiming for the little tree!!!!!

Even though it was run over it came back upright and ever since has been a source of beauty. I watched it bloom with brilliant pink flowers, I’ve watched it bend with heavy winds, I’ve seen it coated with ice then bounce back with spring blooms. I’ve watched through the years, hundreds of birds chirping, meeting mates,

and enjoying this little tree.

A tree is a strange source of enjoyment and encouragement but this tree has done both for me. It has overcome adversity to bring joy to others.

I hope it continues – with all of the negatives in the world, this tree demonstrates there is still natural beauty in the world.

Looking back: May, 1962: No babies were born during a ten day period this month at Morrow County Hospital. It was the longest that the hospital had gone without a birth since it opened in 1952.

1972: Voters approved a countywide ambulance service levy by a margin of 572 votes. This vote put the wheels on the newly formed Morrow County Emergency Squad.

1982: Leading the top ten Academic graduating seniors at Cardington-Lincoln High school were Charles Rawlins, Margaret Flora and Tamara Fisher.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist