Reflections: Mr. Mooney, a civic band and a grocer

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Looking back to 1920, I found the obituary of H. S. Mooney very interesting.

His obituary began “Henry Mooney is dead!” The column continued “Tuesday evening after probably a ten days confinement to his home and bed. He passed to silence and pathetic dust, aged fifty seven years. Twenty-nine years ago to the day his father, Merrit L. Mooney, died in this same east Main street home. He leaves a widow, two daughters, a sister, Mrs. E. J. Vaughan, a character for business probity, for moral worth, for christian virtues, unassailed.”

My comment: I don’t know what any of that means; but it was front page news. I penned it as it was written then.

Continuing the story says, “For twenty-nine years as successor of his father, he carried on in the drug business in Cardington. He was so intimate, so close to all of us in a business and social way that his death is as much a community as a family bereavement. When most men die the lines close up without a visible gap, but many who knew and loved him for his fine and kindly presence will not soon forget him.”

• A grocery ad in the local paper, dated 1938, advertised a gift for boys and girls, Jack Armstrong Telescope with a purchase of two packages of Wheaties for 25 cents! Koon’s Grocery, located on East Main Street, also advertised Sanka Coffee for 35 cents a pound and a large size Rinso soap for 21 cents!

• I won’t use names, but in the July, 1949 edition of the Morrow County Independent is a story about a Mansfield woman suing a Mount Gilead woman for Alienation of Affections in the amount of $50,000.

“The plaintiff states that the other lady induced her husband to leave her in December, 1948. All persons involved in the case are over 60 years of age.”

I wonder how that came out.

• Morrow County had a 30-member Civic Band in 1952. It was directed by Justin Early and furnished music at the Mt Gilead Saddle Club’s 4-H benefit horse show. Donald Clemm had organized the band and was succeeded by Glen Hurst and later followed by Mr. Early.

Paul Jackson was president of the organization; Robert Moore headed the ways and means committee and Don Barkhurst was business manager. Player members were Robert Ebert, Wilbur Heimlich, Joe Keenan, Betty Wagner, Thomas Wagner, Yvonne Wiseman, Marilee Branaman, William Trainer, Roland Hildebrand, Norita Fricke, Walter Leasure, Vernon Heimlich, Fred Jolly, Marlene Fricke, Joanne Fricke, Ellen Poland, Robert Thomas, Arthur Ebert, Wayne Yake, Nancy Rutherford and James Rengert.

Looking back to past Junes

1941: A round trip bus ride from Cardington to Niagara Falls, the popular honeymoon destination, cost $9.65 per ticket.

Three Cardington Township farmers, Paul Benson, C. R. Clinger and Billy Smith, all lost sheep to roving dogs.

1951: Ned B. Earley of Cardington, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Ohio Northern University. Mildred Evalyn Patzer, also of Cardington, graduated with a nursing degree from Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing in Ashland.

Betty Corinne Bowers and Ralph C. Claytor, both 1951 Cardington High School graduates, were married on June 2 in Caledonia.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist